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Comment: Re:So, they will become coal-free? (Score 1) 244

by jonwil (#48276461) Attached to: Denmark Plans To Be Coal-Free In 10 Years

Solar Thermal is very much suitable for baseload, especially in areas where there is a lot of sunshine (like here in sunny Queensland). And the technology is already operational in parts of the USA and Europe feeding power into the grid so its not like its some unproven technology that isn't ready for the real world.

Comment: Re:So, they will become coal-free? (Score 1) 244

by jonwil (#48276291) Attached to: Denmark Plans To Be Coal-Free In 10 Years

I live in Brisbane and I have witnessed that more and more businesses close their doors with signage saying "air-conditioned, we are open, please enter" (or with automatic doors that are closed unless people are using them). A lot of businesses cant do it at all (because their door is a roller-door or some other kind of door where customers wouldn't really be able to open it to enter)
Also, if a business faces onto an indoor shopping strip instead of outside, then its generally ok for the individual business not to close their doors since the shopping center itself will be air conditioned and have closed doors keeping the air in (at least at any shopping center I can think of)

Comment: Re:So, they will become coal-free? (Score 0, Troll) 244

by jonwil (#48275809) Attached to: Denmark Plans To Be Coal-Free In 10 Years

Except in Australia where our government continues to do things designed to benefit the coal industry (those extracting coal as chunks of rock, those extracting the gas trapped with the coal and those who want to gasify the coal whilst its still in the ground and extract the results) at the expense of the planet.

Comment: Re:If lack of security updates didn't kill IE 6... (Score 1) 65

by jonwil (#48274515) Attached to: Google To Disable Fallback To SSL 3.0 In Chrome 39 and Remove In Chrome 40

There is no reason businesses that need IE6 for corporate intranet sites that cant be made to work with anything newer (or cant be made to work without spending money the business doesn't want to spend) cant go with a modern browser (be it Chrome, Firefox or whatever else) for browsing the internet and use IE6 only for accessing those intranet sites that are stuck on IE6.

Comment: Re:and they use cash businesses as examples (Score 1) 424

by jonwil (#48236145) Attached to: Law Lets IRS Seize Accounts On Suspicion, No Crime Required

From where I sit, I would much rather see 100 guilty people get to keep their ill-gotten gains (due to an ending of the practice of law enforcement and government agencies seizing money and assets without even needing any real proof that someone has done something wrong, let alone a guilty conviction) than see a single innocent have their assets taken.

If there is evidence of an actual crime, they can get a court order to seize the assets and if there is a guilty verdict, they can keep the seized assets. Otherwise they shouldn't be allowed to do this crap. And yes I say that even when the intended targets of the assets seizures are organized crime gangs, drug runners, terrorists and other generally nasty people.

Comment: Re:New Zealand will sign! (Score 1) 132

Here in Australia voting is compulsory and it doesn't make a difference, we still get the same kind of politicians unwilling to say NO to the USA (doesn't matter if its liberal or labor, both will do whatever the US government and the big US corporations want)

Comment: Re:I thought this said Australia (Score 3, Insightful) 88

by jonwil (#48165693) Attached to: Google Fiber To Launch In Austin, Texas In December

Blame the combination of Telstra (who don't particularly like the idea of a network it has no control over and earns no money from as would have been the case for a FTTP NBN), Foxtel (who see a high speed network killing off their overpriced crappy pay TV offering) and the big movie/TV companies (who see a high speed network as leading to increased levels of piracy)

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