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Comment Re:DMCA needs to die (Score 5, Insightful) 66

This has nothing to do with the DMCA, this is a straight out copyright infringement lawsuit being filed.

The real problem is that the methods the copyright holders (or the copyright enforcement goons acting on their behalf) are using to identify torrent users aren't good enough and its good to see at least one judge willing to call these enforcers out on it.

Comment Isn't Uber more like a minicab than a black cab? (Score 1) 215

I dont know all that much about cabs in London (although I did ride in at least one black cab many years ago when I visited the city) but from what I do know, there are companies allowed to operate minicabs which aren't allowed to pick up street hails but are allowed to offer rides to people who call them up and ask for a ride. Isn't this exactly what Uber is other than the fact that you use a button to book the ride rather than talking to a human?

As for some of the rules they want to apply, the idea of requiring drivers to have knowledge of the streets is stupid IMO, isn't that what GPS is for? Don't Uber drivers already use GPS (as part of the Uber app) to identify how to get where people want to go? (although to be fair I have never driven the streets of London so I cant comment on whether blindly following the GPS would lead to problems or not)

Comment Re:Tech circles vs slashdot (Score 1) 278

I dont hate the TPP because its supported by Obama or by Tony Abbot or Malcolm Turnbul or whoever. I hate the TPP because its been negotiated in secret and because per the leaks and info has a lot of bad stuff (on copyright, censorship/site blocking and whatever else) but it doesn't do a thing in areas where action is needed. Like getting rid of the high tariffs and protection that the US, Canada, Japan and others impose on Australian agricultural exports (beef, sugar, dairy etc). Or doing more on the issue of counterfeiting and bootlegging (to be fair on that, China isn't in the TPP and most of the worlds knockoff products come from China)

Comment My worst fail (Score 1) 249

My worst fail would probably be the time I (many years ago before I understood computers as well as I do today) used glue to attach a CPU heatsink and fan to the CPU. That plus the decision to use the heatsink and fan from a Pentium 166 MMX on a 300MHz Cyrix part is probably what eventually killed the CPU.

These days I only use proper CPU thermal gunk and I use the heatsink and fan that Intel supplies with its chips (or if the chip didn't come with one, I buy the one that Intel tells me I need)

Can't think of any other hardware fails since I am not really a hardware guy.

Comment Re:How to regulate drones (Score 1) 184

I never said "lets ban commercial drone use", I said "lets allow people to do a,b and c without a license but if they want to do anything else, they need a permit or license from the FAA"

Exactly how hard that permit would be to get would depend on the intended use. A film studio wanting to use drones as part of a film shoot would need a different permit to a retailer wanting to use drones to deliver packages.

As for flights over property, ok so introduce a rule limiting flights under these "general drone rules" over other people's property to no lower than 100ft or something and have some rules on drone noise and things so people aren't assaulted by unwanted drone noise at all hours of the day.

Comment How to regulate drones (Score 1) 184

There should be a simple set of rules governing drones, RC aircraft or anything else that files and is controlled from the ground with no pilot inside. These would be a set of rules that stipulate what you can do without a license. If you want to do anything outside these rules you would need permission from the FAA.

The rules I propose are:
1.No flying within x distance of any airport, landing strip, runway, airbase or aerodrome (there is probably already an FAA definition that covers anywhere piloted air vehicles land and take off that could be used here)
2.No flying higher than x distance off the ground
3.No flying over private property without permission of the occupier of that property (so for a house that would be the people living there, for a school that would be the school administration and so on)
4.No commercial flying (the same rules as for piloted flight would apply here in that if you are a private pilot, fly in your plane, shoot video or photos and post that on YouTube or something, its not considered commercial but if someone pays you to fly in your plane and shoot video or photos of something specific, it is considered commercial)
5.No flying in any no fly zone, restricted airspace or prohibited airspace
6.No flying within x distance of any piloted aircraft (this rule plus the no-fly-zone rule would cover the problems of people flying drones into fire zones and making life hard for firefighting aircraft for example)
and 7.No flying if you cant see your drone (with some rules in there to govern drones flying with cameras where the operator can see what is going on via the camera and is therefore still in "visual control" of the drone and where its going and can avoid hitting anything etc)

Comment Re:Know what would convince me to go to a theater? (Score 1) 279

That is one of the many reasons I refuse to go to Event Cinemas. Their rip-off pricing is another.

I live in Beenleigh and my closest cinema is Logan Hyperdome (also an Event-owned operation) yet I will go all the way into town for Cineplex just to avoid their operation.

Comment Re:Know what would convince me to go to a theater? (Score 1) 279

The theater I go to (Cineplex here in Brisbane, Australia) plays a message on the screen before the film telling people to switch off their phones and not use them during the film. And as far as I have observed, people do that.
I have never observed crying babies in any movie I go to. Some chains here in Australia even run special sessions for parents/etc with babies where they keep the lights low (rather than off) and have change tables in the back.

As for commercials, sometimes the commercials can be useful (like the one I saw last time offering cheap food at a local establishment if you bring your movie ticket)

And the trailers are great for showing me whats comming up and what might be worth seeing (although I am glad I didn't trust the trailer for Pixels and researched it a bit otherwise I would have wasted my money on that Adam Sandler piece of crap)

Comment Re:Apple buys Volkswagen's assets.... (Score 1) 535

The question is, could Apple (with its huge cash reserves) out-donate, out-bribe and out-lobby the dealer associations to get the laws it would need?

In particular, would it be able to overcome the HUGE political clout of the Texas Automobile Dealers Association (something that Tesla has thus far been unable to do)

Comment Surprised Nintendo hasn't been more aggressive (Score 1) 151

I am surprised Nintendo hasn't been more aggressive in enforcing its IP.
Like targeting and Super Mario Bros X (a PC game that lets you build and play Mario levels, something in direct competition with their new Super Mario Maker game)
Or going after the many web sites selling arcade machines featuring unlicensed copies of Nintendo games in them.

Comment CAs are the problem (Score 3, Interesting) 103

The problem is that any of the many entities your browser trusts can create a valid certificate for any domain and the browser will just accept it.

What we need is to move away from CAs and adopt a new system for storing the information needed to make a web connection secure. Storing keys in DNS and using DNSSEC to secure that is one option. And there are others (although I can't actually remember any of them off the top of my head).

If you have a situation where its impossible for anyone other than the actual owner of the domain to store a key, its not possible for a rogue CA (or a hacked CA ala DigiNotar or one that has been co-oped by a government or intelligence agency) to issue a bogus certificate or a bogus public key.

What I dont get is why there is no real interest from the people who came up with these alternatives to push them particularly hard and why there is basically zero interest from the people and entities who write the software that the web runs on (browsers, servers etc) to make any moves towards using these new systems.

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