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Comment Just look at China (Score 5, Interesting) 133

China is the top country for poor people moving into the middle class. A lot of that movement is from millions of people setting up mom and pop shops. Cell phones are very important to the functioning of this segment of the market and cell phone are a window into the Internet. So I'd say they have it backwards. They are focusing on the small number of tech lottery winners and ignoring the major improvement cell phones has had on ordinary people's lives.

Comment Put this in perspective (Score 1) 88

1938 storm 'The Long Island Express'

"Cars also took a beating - roughly 26,000 vehicles sustained damage in the storm - while 2 billion trees were reportedly wiped out across New York and New England."

Today you can't even tell 2 billion trees were knocked down. And it has happened multiple times.

Comment Good way to hide your work (Score 1) 135

If you are an academic and want to ensure very people people see your work, then by all means publish it in an expensive journal. On the other hand, if you want to be widely recognized try putting the articles up on a web server which will probably increase the number of people looking at them by about 1000x.

I have noticed that an increasing number of authors submit to the paid journals and modify the contract to keep ownership and then put their papers up on their own web servers. When you Google for the title both the paid journal and local copy will be in the results. One you can click on and they other you can't.

Comment Re:Fixing orphan works (Score 2) 128

Without an escalating fee works owned by corporations will never, ever come out of copyright. The RIAA and MPAA will renew their copyrights for a 1,000 years under a $10 renewal fee.

At some point these works need to become part of history and culture. For example every photograph from WWII will be under copyright until after most people that are alive today are dead. I think that is just wrong. WWII is a major part of history and should be available freely to everyone.

Comment Re:Fixing orphan works (Score 1) 128

A fee like this is fine for corporations too....

You need to renew the copyright every ten years with a one year grace period.
Renewal is via an on-line registration system.
On-line system makes it easy to check if the work has been renewed or not.
First renewal is free.
Second renewal is $1,000
Fee for each subsequent renewal doubles.
You can renew as long as you keep paying the fee.

Comment Fixing orphan works (Score 4, Interesting) 128

There is a very simple way to fix the orphan works problem and also let Disney have Mickey forever. The root of the problem is giving free, automatic copyright for 150 years or so to every work.

Instead require that copyrights be renewed every ten years with a one year grace period. First renewal is free but you have to fill out a form on-line. Second renewal is $1,000. Fee for each subsequent renewal doubles. This will quickly place all of the non-economically via works into the public domain. It also lets you keep a copyright forever as long as you keep paying the renewal fees.

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