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Comment Netflix needs to fix this (Score 5, Insightful) 181 181

If the last mile ISPs are going to only allow balanced traffic for free (and last mile traffic is clearly not balanced by its nature) then we should fix the problem for them and generate enough upstream traffic to balance the equation. This is simple - answer one idiotic position with another idiotic position. Have Netflix go peer to peer and then manage traffic flow to create balanced traffic at all of the last mile ISPs. It's what they want ---- we should give it to them.

Comment This policy is ridiculous (Score 4, Interesting) 290 290

I have two Facebook accounts, a real one with with my real info and another one I just use for playing games. I don't want to mix 'friends' from casual games in with my real friends. I used a pseudonym on the second account. Facebook just locked my second account this week and wouldn't release it until I sent in a photo of my driver's license. I consider that a huge invasion of privacy. I had be using the second account for a long time under the pseudonym. After receiving my driver's license they changed the name on the account to my real name (now no one in the games knows who I am) and they entered all of the data from driver's license into the profile. This is just a total mess which is going to cause me to use Facebook even less than I do now.

Comment Re:It not very hard (Score 1) 167 167

120 years, 200 years does it matter? Nothing is going to come out from under copyright until we're all dead.

I am a strong advocate of 20 year automatic copyright, then allowing the purchase of 20 year extensions for escalating renewal fees. Years 20-40 could be $1000 and then 10x for each successive renewal. This simple change would completely fix the orphan work problem and put millions of less popular works into the public domain. But the copyright industry doesn't want that to happen - they don't want these less popular works flooding the market for free.

Comment How quickly everyone forgets (Score 1) 469 469

Microsoft and IBM ended up in a spat over OS|2 and parted ways. That left IBM very angry at Microsoft and without an x86 operating system. IBM spent $1B on Linux in the early 1990's and made a major marketing campaign out of doing it. They even ported Linux onto their sacred mainframe - the Z-series. This IBM support legitimized Linux and propelled it into becoming what it is today.

Comment get to the end of the article (Score 5, Informative) 301 301

'Initially, he feared that Schacht would take out an injunction against the book, preventing its publication altogether. Determined to avoid the destruction of any books “on the grounds of a claim from Goebbels”, he agreed to pay her 1% of the net retail price.

He said: “When she wanted to cash in on that agreement, I said that agreement is null and void It’s against the moral rights You haven’t been entitled to sell me any words as those words lie within the Bavarian government.”'

The author agreed to pay a 1% royalty and then reneged when the heir tried to collect. Of course that triggered a lawsuit.

Comment Re:It has its places (Score 2) 64 64

I just can't see any use for this that beats radio except for situations where security concerns trump the hassles with line of sight.

The AP in every room part is easy. Companies working on this want to build it into light bulb controller chips. But then how do you get the data to the light bulb? Powerline is too slow and very error prone.

Comment Re:Insteon (Score 3, Insightful) 189 189

I have about 20 dead Keypadlincs. Every one from my initial install has died. I tried arguing with them about replacements but they wouldn't do anything. That's $1,600 of dead units so it was not insignificant. The replacement ones I bought seem to be working. All of the old ones died in exactly the same way - buzzing from the power supply. Something was obviously wrong in their design. I would have been happy even if they had traded me two for one on new units but they offered nothing.

Comment Re:Insteon (Score 4, Informative) 189 189

Insteon is the most cost effective solution.
Second place is Zwave. Check out Open Zwave

The rest are twice the price of these two. Control4 even quoted me $270,000 to automate my house. That ridiculous quote went right into the trash can. I have a large Insteon system that costs less than 1/10th of that Control4 quote.

Insteon is not 100% reliable, it is about 98% reliable. So sometimes when you turn things off/on you have to do it twice. I have also had many units fail over the years but the newer ones seem to be lasting longer.

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