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Comment: as a pedestrian i say great (Score 5, Informative) 1440

by jonpublic (#44933123) Attached to: Georgia Cop Issues 800 Tickets To Drivers Texting At Red Lights

As a pedestrian I say great. People shouldn't be texting or checking their phones while driving. While folks might think it's safe at an intersection, I disagree.

I've almost been hit a number of times as drivers inch through a cross walk when they aren't paying attention. Or they turn on red and don't pay attention. It's super dangerous.

Comment: Re:US Price Plans..... (Score 3, Informative) 404

by jonpublic (#43287269) Attached to: T-Mobile Ends Contracts and Subsidies

"Ireland is a small country" explains part of the issue of why it costs so much here.

The U.S. is physically huge. Ireland is about the size of one of 50 of the states. Takes a lotta dough to to build a network across the U.S. That and our regulators aren't empowered to stop companies from ripping us off.


Comment: explanation (Score 2) 136

by jonpublic (#41691369) Attached to: Verizon Draws Fire For Monitoring App Usage, Browsing Habits

What level of access do they have? I need details explaining more. Can they see what you are doing when you are on a cellular network, or when you are on wifi too.

Can they see what you are doing when you are using private browsing? Are they capturing passwords and storing them? Is the device pushing back secure information to them?

Does a VPN prevent tracking?

I expect some things when using a cellphone. Having them essentially listen in on all my communication or interaction with others is not one of them.

Comment: Side effects (Score 2) 121

by jonpublic (#39362509) Attached to: Algorithm Finds Thousands of Unknown Drug Interaction Side Effects

Ive had some pretty nasty side effects from a drug that weren't on the label. It really sucked. I'm still dealing with them.

Let me tell you that if you goto a doctor and say that you think that side effects are related to the drug he put you on and those side effects aren't yet on the label they will treat you like you are crazy. It was really eye openning to see how doctors can talk down to patients. The drug I was taking for example can cause tendons to snap. That was known. The doctor flat out didn't believe that incrediblely painful tendinitis could be related to taking the drug.

It really sucks. I got lucky though because a month later the FDA released a new list of side effects that for this drug that included my ones. Then I got a doctor to pay attention and help me out.

I knew the side effects were related to the drug thanks to a quick google search that showed thousands of other people had experienced the same things that I had. There were literally 100,000 posts in a forum discussing what I had experienced in the previous weeks.

I can't even imagine the complexity when combining two drugs and what havoc that could cause.

Comment: android? (Score 1) 478

by jonpublic (#38131448) Attached to: Are There Any Smartphones That Respect Privacy?

Depends on what you consider private, but I would put the Android phone last because of the tight Google integration. At least on the iPhone you can have everything local, not synced to the cloud.

The days of privacy are over for the most part. If you are using cloud services, you can be sure your data is being mined in some way.

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