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Comment: Re:Bill Belichick (Score 1) 405

No such luck. The tablets have replaced the black and white printouts of player positioning and play development. Turns out those pictures were provided by the league itself to both teams - it's not something teams do on their own.

So if Belichick doesn't want the tablets to view those photos, he won't have any photos to see.

Comment: Re:Won't work with new chips (Score 2) 78

It varies. A lot of retail workers won't care, but some will. Especially the ones who are smart enough to be aware of credit card fraud but not so knowledgeable they know about Coin.

I don't think someone would have to be turned down from a purchase many times before they threw the thing in the garbage. It doesn't have to happen often.

Comment: Won't work with new chips (Score 5, Insightful) 78

All the major credit card companies will be rolling out soon-to-be-mandatory chip systems for their credit cards. The point of this chip is specifically to prevent copying of credit cards. Coin is dead in the water.

Beyond this, how many register monkeys will decline the transaction because it's not the original card? I was trained at my old retail job by an actual Mastercard representative never to allow use of a credit card without a signed back, much less a card that's literally a personal copy.

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