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Comment: It is a valid strategy (Score 2) 24

by jones_supa (#48046897) Attached to: Xen Cloud Fix Shows the Right Way To Patch Open-Source Flaws

the Xen project privately fixed the bug and waited until all the major Xen deployments were patched before any details were released. Isn't this the way that all open-source projects should fix security issues?

I do see value in that approach. When a vulnerability is found, it's better to report it discretely to the authors. Shouting the details to the world in the name of "openness" just causes script kiddies to go wild and nuke a bunch of machines which could have been otherwise avoided.

Comment: Re:Yeah, but... (Score 1) 98

by jones_supa (#48045189) Attached to: Study: Compound Found In Beer Boosts Brain Function
I always wonder the same when I hear about resveratrol in wine or vitamins and fluorides in beer. Ethanol and its cousin compounds will likely do more damage than the good stuff does good. Have one beer per day for the unwinding relaxation from the alcohol if you want to, but that's about it, I says.

Study: Compound Found In Beer Boosts Brain Function 98

Posted by samzenpus
from the drink-one-anyway dept.
An anonymous reader writes Researchers have found that a chemical found in hops may actually improve memory. Unfortunately, a person would need to drink 3,520 pints of beer a day to get a high enough dose of the chemical to boost their brain power. A daunting task for even the most enthusiastic Oktoberfest participant. From the article: "Researchers at Oregon State University discovered that doses of xanthohumol, a flavonoid found in hops, improved memory and thinking in a lucky group of mice. Flavonoids are a class of compounds present in plants, known to have numerous health benefits. Last year, researchers discovered that a flavonoid found in celery and artichokes could potentially fight pancreatic cancer. The researchers treated the mice with dietary supplements of xanthohumol over the course of eight weeks. Their goal was to determine if xanthohumol could affect palmitoylation, a naturally occurring process in animals (including humans) that's associated with memory degradation. The mice then went through a series of tests—including the popular Morris water maze—to gauge whether or not the treatments had improved their spatial memory and cognitive flexibility. For the younger mice in the group, it worked. But on the older mice, unfortunately, the xanthohumol didn't seem to have any effect."

+ - Unexplained out-of-band WIndows DVD patch

Submitted by davidwr
davidwr (791652) writes "Microsoft released September 2014 update for DVD playback in Windows 7 SP1

as an out-of-band "Important" update yesterday without explaining why it was rushed instead of waiting two weeks.

Microsoft knows that patching annoys system administrators and others and typically doesn't do out of band updates without a good reason. Unlike the recent out-of-band Russian Time Zone update, there isn't an obvious to be a "you must install this by a certain date or something will break" reason to rush this.

Does anyone know why Microsoft didn't either 1) wait two weeks or 2) provide a clearer explanation of why this is important enough to push out early?"

Comment: Re:Not just 9 (Score 2) 231

by jones_supa (#48034483) Attached to: Why did Microsoft skip Windows 9?
Under the hood, the NT6 core actually is still the same. With Windows 10, we will see a platform update from NT 6.3 to NT 6.4, which brings some improvements to the kernel and things like that. But they have not done a complete rework to the deep internals (like they did with Vista) which would warrant a new major version number. The silly Start Screen, Modern UI, and things like that are related to just shuffling around middleware and userspace components.

+ - Grooveshark Found Guilty of Massive Copyright Infringement->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "If you’re a Grooveshark user, you should probably start backing up your collection. In a decision released Monday, the United States District Court in Manhattan has found Grooveshark guilty of massive copyright infringement based on a preponderance of internal emails, statements from former top executives, direct evidence from internal logs, and willfully deleted files and source code."
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+ - Linux Foundation Announces Major Network Functions Virtualization Project->

Submitted by Andy Updegrove
Andy Updegrove (956488) writes "The Linux Foundation this morning announced the latest addition to its family of major hosted open source initiatives: the Open Platform for NFV Project (OPNFV), Its mission is to develop and maintain a carrier-grade, integrated, open source reference platform for the telecom industry. Importantly, the thirty-eight founding members include not only cloud and service infrastructure vendors, but telecom service providers, developers and end users as well. The announcement of OPNFV highlights three of the most significant trends in IT: virtualization (the NFV part of the name refers to network function virtualization), moving software and services to the Cloud, and collaboratively developing complex open source platforms in order to accelerate deployment of new business models while enabling interoperability across a wide range of products and services. The project is also significant for reflecting a growing recognition that open source projects need to incorporate open standards planning into their work programs from the beginning, rather than as an afterthought."
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