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+ - Harry Shearer Returns To The Simpsons

jones_supa writes: Fans of The Simpsons will find this turn of events nothing short of excellent: seven weeks after telling that he was exiting the Fox's forever-running animated comedy, Harry Shearer has agreed to rejoin the show. Shearer has now signed the same four season contract as the other five primary voice actors. He previously tweeted "I wanted what we've always had: the freedom to do other work." Executive producer Al Jean found that tweet confusing, saying, "Everybody on the show does lots of outside projects. He actually gets to record on the phone and do the [table] reads on the phone. So we've never kept him from doing that stuff."

+ - 'Severe Bug' To Be Patched In OpenSSL

An anonymous reader writes: The Register reports that upcoming OpenSSL versions 1.0.2d and 1.0.1p are claimed to fix a single security defect classified as "high" severity. It is not yet known what this mysterious vulnerability is — that would give the game away to attackers hoping to exploit the hole before the patch is released to the public. Some OpenSSL's examples of "high severity" vulnerabilities are a server denial-of-service, a significant leak of server memory, and remote code execution. If you are a system administrator, get ready to patch your systems this week. The defect does not affect the 1.0.0 or 0.9.8 versions of the library.

Comment: It's lagging behind... (Score 1) 165 165

Meeh. Firefox is not hi-tech anymore. The engine is crusty and slow. Not that good hardware acceleration either. The e10s project is not making enough progress and there will not be full tab process separation for a very long time. There is also no sandboxing.

Chrome and Microsoft Edge are nice choices. They have cutting-edge engines and big active development teams.

+ - Biological Age Can Deviate Widely From Chronological Age

jones_supa writes: A study of people has uncovered a huge gulf in the speed at which their bodies age. The report, in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, tracked traits such as weight, kidney function, gum health and brain function. The research group followed 954 people from the same town in New Zealand who were all born in 1972 or 1973. The scientists looked at 18 different ageing-related traits when the group turned 26, 32 and 38 years old. Most people's biological age was within a few years of their chronological age. Some people had almost stopped ageing during the period of the study, while others were gaining nearly three years of biological age for every year that passed. Some of the 38-year-olds were ageing so badly that their biological age was on the cusp of retirement. It is unclear how the pace of biological ageing changes through life with these measures.

Comment: Re:"as a Service" = you have to buy it Every Year? (Score 2) 175 175

All they need to do is to ask their nerd friend.

- Raawh! Windows subscription payment! What is this rubbish? I'm not paying anything! Joe, can you do something about this?
- There is Ubuntu, which is free.
- Good. Is that the Linux thingy?
- Well, technically it is GNU/Linux. You see, Linux is only the...
- Whatever! Does it come with Internet?
- Sure.
- Ok. Here's my laptop. Can you install Ubanto for me?
- It will take only few moments.
- Thanks, kid. I'll buy you some beer.

Comment: Re:"as a Service" = you have to buy it Every Year? (Score 1) 175 175

I do not suspect so. People are used to getting Windows bundled with their computers. If those people suddenly have to start paying for Windows, they would get annoyed and start digging deeper for free alternatives. Eventually they would find Ubuntu and that would begin to hurt Microsoft's business.

+ - North Korean Biochemical Expert Flees to Finland->

An anonymous reader writes: A North Korean expert on biochemical weapons defected to Finland last month, carrying gigabytes of human experiment results with him, claims a source. The 47-year-old researcher, identified only by his surname Lee, at a microbiology research center in Ganggye, Chagang Province, bordered by China to the north, fled to the European country on June 6 via the Philippines, said the source from a North Korean human rights group. "His ostensible reason for defection is that he felt skeptical about his research," the source told Yonhap News Agency. Lee held a data storage device with 15 GB of information on human experiments in order to bring North Korea's inhumane tests to light. The North Korean defector will give testimony before the European parliament later this month.
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