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Comment: Re:Expect the Republicans... (Score 1) 105

by jonbryce (#47385711) Attached to: London Regulator Says Uber Is Operating Legally

Sinn Fein are a republican party, but very different to the US Republican Party. They are the second largest party in Northern Ireland, and want Northern Ireland to be part of the Republic of Ireland rather than the UK. They sit as part of the European United Left–Nordic Green Left in the EU Parliament, so very much to the left of the US Republicans.

Comment: Re:I hope they get whatever they can for them (Score 1) 232

by jonbryce (#47232951) Attached to: US To Auction 29,656 Bitcoins Seized From Silk Road

When the Feds bust a normal street-corner drug dealer, they get "legal" property, such as cars, and illegal property such as their inventory of drugs. The illegal property is retained as evidence until the court case is concluded, then destroyed. The legal property gets sold off.

The Silk Road bust is subject to the same laws as any other drug-dealer bust, so by auctioning off the bitcoins, they are declaring that they are legal property.

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by jonbryce (#47232907) Attached to: US To Auction 29,656 Bitcoins Seized From Silk Road

There are lots of people with $600[1] in the bank who could bid for one bitcoin. There are not so many people with $1.8m in the bank who can bit for a block of 3000 bitcoins. Therefore they will probably sell for less than market value, and the winning bidders will likely make a profit from selling them off individually.

[1]$600 is based on the current prices quoted on Bitcoin Charts rounded to one significant figure.

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