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Comment: Why Jobs and Ellison don't get in trouble (Score 5, Informative) 509

by jonatha (#34971720) Attached to: IRS Nails CPA For Copying Steve Jobs, Google Execs
The distinction between Mr. Watson and Mssrs. Jobs, Ellison, Brin, et al, is that the salaries of the latter are set by independent boards of directors of public companies. Mr. Watson set his own salary, which the court found was not commensurate with the market rate for that sort of work.

Comment: Re:And yet- (Score 1) 828

by jonatha (#33092204) Attached to: What's Wrong With the American University System

Most any college team I know of (SEC ones in my experience) MAKE the universities money by the barrel full.

These teams not only support themselves, but pour money back into the general university system.

Check your stats a bit more carefully.

The University of Kentucky athletics department brings in about $60 million/year in revenue.

That funds their budget (and Calipari's grotesque salary). Roughly $1 million, IIRC, makes its way back into the general university system.

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