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+ - Live-Coding a complete, simple GUI game->

Submitted by jonastullus
jonastullus (530101) writes "It is almost impossible to look over the shoulders of a programmer to see how he develops a program from start to finish.

When video tutorial are put online, they are scripted, edited and cut.

This video shows live-coding the game of Sokoban including a GTK GUI to give an impression of the cul-de-sacs and confusion that is involved in a successful programming project ;)"

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First Person Shooters (Games)

+ - 40 Handpicked Free-to-play Multiplayer Games-> 4

Submitted by
jonastullus writes "40 excellent free and free-to-play multiplayer games with reviews, screenshots and in-game videos. Am I missing any?

I have been collecting links to excellent multiplayer games for a long while and this is the culmination of my efforts. Many of these games you will in all likelyhood already know, but I am sure that quite a few of these will be news to you.

And they are all, without exception, tremendous fun!"

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