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Comment: Dodge the bullet, why don't you? (Score 1) 529

by jon_doh2.0 (#42242817) Attached to: Ubuntu Community Manager: RMS's Post Seems a Bit Childish To Me
This retort appears quite well reasoned, but on reflection is actually a lesson in deflection. Nowhere does he address the specific issue of the Amazon data scraping. By contrast RMS does address it (it is the source of his gripe). He simply (politely) attacks RMS and accuses him of FUD, and avoids the particulars of RMS's complaint. Very slippery.

Comment: Re:Sailfish (Score 2) 74

Am I missing something? The name doesn't mean much to me. So, why exactly? Gosh maybe I'm am a non-nerd. Here, someone take my card. Besides, people said the same thing about Android, and it's done all right. And how many thetes even know what the os in iOS stands for?

Comment: Tommy and the man (Score 1) 608

by jon_doh2.0 (#42055639) Attached to: With Pot Legal, Scientists Study Detection of Impaired Drivers
My dad's story: "Back in't day, we'd just spent an evening immersed in the recently released Tommy, by The Who, and had been smoking hard. I was on my way home on my motorbike. The lights of the motorway where flashing past my vision and the sense of speed was tremendous, when i saw police lights behind me, so i pulled over. The police officer: Sir, are you aware you've been going 20mph?" badumbumtish. lol.

Comment: Turn it all off (Score 1) 818

by jon_doh2.0 (#40285313) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Why Aren't You Running KDE?
Running KDE because i like the thorough, centralised control centre, the custamisabilty, and the pretty colours. The panel is turned off and so is the desktop. Startup and background processes are almost completely culled (no need for all that indexing, etc.), and Openbox is running as the WM. Oh, and that horrendous icon theme has been nuked! In a way, you could almost say i am not really running KDE, merely taking advantage of it's advantages, and QT's libraries.

Comment: Re:on the other side of the coin (Score 1) 490

by jon_doh2.0 (#40284517) Attached to: Evaluating the Harmful Effects of Closed Source Software
To-right! That level of peace-of-mind you get used to, then you install something on a Windows machine and are never sure if you can fully trust the source. Not to mention all the bundled crap they try and sneak into the install, another copy of Yahoo Toolbar, anyone?

And even if the source provides you with a genuine copy of the software, who knows what it's programed to do, anyways, being closed-source.

"Be *excellent* to each other." -- Bill, or Ted, in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure