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Hardware Hacking

+ - The Linux Driver Project - Again

Submitted by jon_anderson_ca
jon_anderson_ca (705052) writes "TINAD (This Is Not A Dupe)... back in January, Greg Kroah-Hartman offered to write GPL device drivers for manufacturers who would release specifications to him. Apparently the response was a little overwhelming, but now Novell is sponsoring him to work full-time on driver development.

There are a hundred developers and an undisclosed number of companies in the queue... are we about to see a Linux driver renaissance?"

+ - Do All Laptop Batteries Suck? 1

Submitted by jon_anderson_ca
jon_anderson_ca (705052) writes "I have a Dell Inspiron 6400 with the (allegedly better-than-basic) 85 WHr battery. After a little over a year of using it, the battery is almost useless, and I'm not alone. Oh, and the battery's warranty is 12 months, of course.

My questions to Slashdot are: how do other laptop batteries fare these days? Do batteries last longer than 6-12 months on Apple, HP, even other Dell laptops? Is it just the Dell 85WHr 9-cell that's the problem? Why is it that battery life is so very short? Is there anything I can do about it (reconditioning or replacement)?"

+ - Samba to Go GPLv3->

Submitted by jon_anderson_ca
jon_anderson_ca (705052) writes "The verdict is in: Samba will be going with the GPLv3 for versions 3.2 and on:

After internal consideration in the Samba Team we have decided to adopt the GPLv3 and LGPLv3 licences for all future releases of Samba.

To allow people to distinguish which Samba version is released with the new GPLv3 license, we are updating our next version release number. The next planned version release was to be 3.0.26, this will now be renumbered so the GPLv3 version release will be 3.2.0.

Since the GPLv3 was crafted to torpedo deals like the one Microsoft struck with Novell, what's going to happen to "working together on interoperability", of which Samba is an important part?"

Link to Original Source

+ - Dell Linux Details

Submitted by jon_anderson_ca
jon_anderson_ca (705052) writes "Dell, through their direct2dell website, has released some details of their soon-to-be-available Linux machines. Among the highlights:

  • only hardware that works with Linux is offered
  • open-source drivers used where possible
  • binary drivers for Intel wireless cards, etc.
  • no support for media codecs

Seems reasonable, but it's too bad that Click2Run isn't in Ubuntu 7.04 for the sake of those wanting to (legally) play DVDs, use AVI files, etc."

+ - Welcome Back... Or Not.

Submitted by jon_anderson_ca
jon_anderson_ca (705052) writes "How should free software projects deal with ex-leaders returning from away? According to DistroWatch, the creator of Gentoo Linux (who resigned for personal reasons in 2004) came back and then resigned again in the same week.

Yes, this is the same Daniel Robbins who founded Gentoo Linux back in the year 2000 and who left the project in 2004 for personal reasons. He officially re-joined the Gentoo development team two weeks ago — only to resign a few days later. The reason? Strong personal attacks by some of the current developers of the project.

One of the "strong personal attacks" claims that Daniel Robbins "repeatedly resorted to ad hominem attacks". I don't know who's right, but did anybody else watch this video today?

How do you defuse the tension that is all-too-often inherent between current and former leadership?"

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