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Comment: Re:Why 18 months? (Score 4, Insightful) 155

by jomegat (#39633621) Attached to: US Carriers Finally Doing Something About Cellphone Theft
The tinfoil hat in me fully expects them to use this to kill the used phone market, jail breaking, and any number of other things that are consumer-unfriendly. "Oh, you lost your phone and don't qualify for a new free one yet? Sorry, you can't buy a used one from your bud. You have to buy a new one from VZW/ATT/etc." This is a solution rife with problems for the consumer.

Comment: Primaries in NH (Score 1) 228

by jomegat (#38310384) Attached to: How many robocalls do you get each month?
It's Presidential Primary Season here in New Hampshire, so we get at least one call per day, and those are exempt from the Do Not Call list. Sometimes it's a recording of the candidate. Sometimes it's a supporter of one of the candidates. Sometimes it's a pollster. A lot of the time it's a supporter of a candidate posing as a pollster. Those are easy to tell because the questions are leading.

Comment: It's a nice chip (Score 1) 41

by jomegat (#37598686) Attached to: Adapteva Announces Epiphany Mesh Processor
<shameless plug>

I've got one of these on my desk as I write. I've actually been working with it for several months now, and it's pretty sweet. It's intended to be a DSP co-processor coupled to an FPGA. The company I work for (BittWare) has invested heavily in Adapteva, and we are introducing some boards featuring a handful of 16-core Epiphany chips (which we have rebranded as "Anemone") and an Altera Stratix 5 FPGA.

The tools are Linux-only at this point, but that's more than OK by me. I think this is the first time I've ever not been forced to use Windows to develop code for a new processor.

The target application is anything that requires lots of DSP but can't burn many watts.

</shameless plug>

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