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+ - Comet-sun impact caught on video->

Submitted by
jomegat writes "NASA has released footage captured by the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) showing a comet slamming into the surface of the sun. The impact created a huge splash as seen on the video, but the impact at the surface was blocked by an occluding disk that allows the SDO to image the sun's corona. It's still very impressive though!"
Link to Original Source

+ - Poll suggestion

Submitted by jomegat
jomegat (706411) writes "What do you do with the "Designed for Windows" sticker on your PC?
  • Leave it there in disgust.
  • Leave it there to admire.
  • Peal off and discard.
  • Put it on something else, such as a file cabinet.
  • Put it on a Linux/Mac user's computer when he's not looking
  • Send it to Cowboy Neal

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