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Journal Journal: stupid stories

is it just me, or has /. had some really dumb stories lately? And, some stories in those weird little gray boxes deserve to be on the front page, and vice versa...w00t..the karma train scheduled a stop in the pirates cove... finally
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Journal Journal: My karma died? 1

Ok, so my karma is bad. Right, Who doesnt have a bad post or two once in a while? Thats the thing, I didn't post anything off topic, flame....etc, nor did I get modded down. If you look at my comment history, you see

Confused about confusion? *Saturday January 14, @10:35PM 9 4, Funny
      attached to Alternative Energy Confusion

Ok, so my karma was neutral before this post. I got modded UP!!!! Why then is my karma bad....the next day? You tell me!

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Journal Journal: p180 is mia

Hey, so, I was hoping to get the new P180 from antec, cause the case i have now is Ungodly loud. Oh, well. I did get a new CD burner (my old one was broken), but its a Sony. Do I have a rootkit on my computer now? I hope not. So, apparently, you get karma if you submit a story and they accept it. Now that i got mmy karma back, Im really happy.
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Journal Journal: Bah-humbug day, Douglas Adams, and a flaming server or two. 1

So, my high school has this thing called Bah-humbug day on the day before "Winter Break" (damn you political correctness, its called Christmas!!), named after Scrooges favorite saying. Im playing in this kids band on bah-humbug day. Its gonna rock. Anyways, I think there is a Douglas Adams quote for every situatuion in life. Did you know he was drunk when he thought of writing "Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy"? Yeah, he was drunk, thought of it, and promptly passed out. Thats awesome. I suggested that we read that for a school project and my teacher thought it was a good idea. Oh yeah, Im trying to /. my schools webstie, so help me out. kill my schools hosting plan!!

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