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by Opportunist (#47716423) Attached to: Scientists Baffled By Unknown Source of Ozone-Depleting Chemical

Can we just agree on greed being the culprit? Democrat, Republican, where's the difference? As long as there's money to be made by ignoring the law and as long as breaking a law and getting caught is cheaper than heeding it, greed trumps "doing the right thing" any time.

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Really? The public demanded? Who? Where? When? All I remember is scaremongering from the press and politicians telling us that the sky is about to fall and how they need to protect us.

I honestly cannot remember a single instance where anyone demanded to trade his liberties for "safety".

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9/11 was much like the trojan horse stunt Odysseus pulled. Worked great back then. Won't work again, ever.

The reason 9/11 worked out was because people were used to other kinds of plane hijackings. Hijackers that steal a plane, fly it somewhere, then demand something to be fulfilled before returning plane and passengers. That was the standard of plane hijackings before 2001. That's why it worked. Everyone expected just that. That's why the pilots opened the cockpit doors, that's why the passengers stayed in their seats.

Today, neither would happen. Nothing you would threaten the pilot with could make him open that door, and if you have anything short of a machine gun you'll certainly find passengers willing and able to come to the conclusion "if I fight I have a chance, if I don't I'm dead for sure". In a 300+ passenger plane, if only one out of fifty people gets that idea it's enough to make the whole hijacking very unlikely to succeed.

Face it, flying is safer than ever. Security theater or none, one thing is certain: 9/11 will not happen again. Simply because the people involved will react very, very differently.

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While true there is "progress" that serves no purpose. This is one of those cases. Sure, it is interesting that it is possible. But where is the progress? It will not be more stable than concrete, it will not be more durable than concrete and for sure it won't be faster than pouring concrete. The huge advantages of 3D printing (like the ability to seamlessly put something into something else or create durably connected locked joints) simply don't come into play when it comes to building a house.

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Well... allow me to translate the lyrics and you tell me, ok?

Bend over, I command you
turn your visage away from me
I don't care about your face
bend over

A biped on all fours
I take him for a walk
ambling down the hallway
I'm disappointed

It gets better, but I don't know how many kids or Apple fanboys are watching. ;)

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I'm a different AC, but I think you made his point. "You are unlikely to see another human being for days" in those hundreds (is it really thousands?) of square miles precisely "because practically nobody lives there or will ever go there."

Yes, I did. I also made the point that his point is irrelevant. We're talking about a minuscule proportion of the population. It's not that their wishes should be ignored, exactly; I believe that creation and protection of rights is a valid pursuit. But "It is virtually impossible for people to not run into each other," is still a completely valid statement. Virtually nobody lives in a situation where they won't see other people. Someone always turns up, if only for a sample of something. Maybe you. And frankly, there really is nowhere like you describe in the USA, either. There's a number of large private ranches of thousands of acres; those guys often have stories of trespassers. And a large portion of the country is owned by the Bureau of Land Management, which regularly portions big sections of it off for military and police training, and which patrols it regularly and investigates fires, target shooters in hunting season and hunters out of season, and the like. Then there's the big state parks, which are full of state park rangers on horses and in Jeep of various types, and IIRC Chevy trucks. They manage to cover quite a bit of ground.

So yes, it is virtually impossible to not run into people. You have to go to significant lengths, especially since people are actually looking for people in those supposedly empty places. Sure, you could get lost in the asscrack of some mountain somewhere, but even getting there is beyond the reach of many people. Only a tiny slice of the world population even lives away from someplace where you can avoid seeing people for more than a few minutes at a time.

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