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Journal johndiii's Journal: Missing Poem 21

For those of you paying attention, there was no poem for yesterday. That is because I was in the hospital, due to a car wreck. I am home now, somewhat the worse for wear but grateful that it was not more serious. The inventory of damage includes four broken ribs, a pneumothorax (air in the pleural cavity around the lungs), and a bruise on my lung (pulmonary contusion). The pneumothorax was why they kept me overnight; it had apparently resolved itself by this morning.

I'm home now, with some good drugs and a little widget that measures the volume of air that I inhale. I have to use it for ten breaths, four or five times a day. With the sort of injury that I have, one of the risks is pneumonia, brought on by breathing too shallowly over a prolonged period of time.

I'm a quick healer, so I expect that I will be better soon. In the mean time, I am learning new ways to move my body around - ones that do not put stress on my ribs. :-)

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Missing Poem

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  • Glad you're going to be ok. Get some good rest.

    • by tomhudson (43916)

      Get some good rest.

      With broken ribs, that's not very likely. Unlike a broken arm or foot, you've GOT to breathe. You have my sympathies ... Sorry to hear about the car accident.

  • by rk (6314) *
    Ouch! I'm so sorry, John! Car accidents suck. You may recall my wife and I were in a pretty bad one back in '05, so I know first hand that they are no fun. Here's to a speedy recovery, and if there's anything I can do for you, let me know.
  • What, no poetry just because you were in the hospital?!


    Yeah, okay, I guess that's good enough. :-) I hope you knit back together smartly and with minimal pain.

    • by Morosoph (693565)
      Ah, that's what it takes to stop the poetry!

      Seriously, though: get well soon johndiii... That seriously sucks.

      • Ah, that's what it takes to stop the poetry!

        Now *that's* funny! :)

        Yes, John, excuse the black humour at your expense, but we're only joking because we know you're going to be okay.

        Sorry you're having to go through it, though. But glad you're around to tell us about it.
  • "I'll have an order of cracked ribs, please, with a side of morphine."

    Hope you mend well and quickly.
  • In the mean time: Demerol. Ask for it by name.

  • Take it easy and get well soon.
    • by FortKnox (169099) *
      As with him and everyone else... grateful you are still with us and best wishing on getting well soon!
  • relatively unharmed. Thank your Angels.
  • Having never experienced the joy of breaking bones, I cannot imagine that it is much fun. May God help you mend well and give you peace and patience though the time of healing. It is easy to get frustrated and down when your body is sore and hurt, consider that all things are according to His plan though, even if we do not see the good in them now.
  • My love for you
    Is like a femur
    Break and crush
    Like a lemur
  • Sorry you had to go through that :-( I wish you a speedy recovery.
  • missed this first go 'round. thought it was a poem about 'missing' and didn't get right to it. sorry about the wreck - but very glad you are ok. hope you get well soon.
  • Take it slow - 4 ribs! That sounds like the complete opposite of good. Get well soon!
  • by zogger (617870)
    Sucks man, glad you aren't more hurt! Is your ride salvageable or do you need a new car now?
  • by Bill Dog (726542)
    I'm so sorry to hear that. We're really fragile bags of jelly and such to be hurtling ourselves at any great speed, when you think about it -- without any intrusion into our bodies by something harder than us, we still can get messed over just from deccelaration forces. Is that what hurt you, like against your seatbelt, or did the airbag break your ribs?
  • You are in my prayers. Were you in your car (not a company car)? Your car was pretty nice - that would be a shame.

  • by tuxette (731067) *
    get well soon...

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