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Harry Potter and the Risque Photos

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  • by Otter (3800)
    What's up with those movies? They're only getting to #5 in July? It's going to look like Beverly Hills 90210 by the time Houses of the Holy (or whatever #7 is called) comes out!

    I started reading them in translation to brush up on my Hebrew and flew through some of the enormous ones in order to stay ahead of the movies -- it looks like I can go through Half-Blood Prince at a more leisurely pace. Anyone know if the translations come out at the same time as the English book?

  • Nothing like a psycho-sexual drama about a boy who loves horses so much that he stabs their eyes out (the horses usually played by people with horse masks). The Onion has a good article about 2nd graders putting on the play. []

    Not my usual slice of pie. It's very post-Graham Greene/Northern City UK drama. In one way you could say it lead to things like Neil LeBute (In the Company Of Men, The Shape of Things, Your Friends and Neighbors) but I've always felt that he's from the classic post-Hemingway/Tennessee
  • I remember reading somewhere that the Potter books are much more entertaining is you substitute the word wang for wand. :)
  • Radcliffe is desparately trying to get laid, wandering all over with his one, unfurled condom.

    An especially agonizing moment, he launches it into Diana Rigg's hair in the canteen.
  • I've seen the pics and agree - now I see why they put an aged Harry Potter in that movie ...
  • Does that mean that he can actually act now?

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