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johndiii's Journal: Now, *that* is a coincidence... 11

Journal by johndiii
Check out the similarity between the Yahoo search page and the main Google search page. I don't think that I had ever seen that page on Yahoo before (I wandered over to it because SBC/Yahoo changed (messed up) my normal My Yahoo page that I use to track news stories and weather, and as a gateway to yellow pages and maps). I don't actually think that this is coincidental, though. Anyone know who had this page style first? I would say Google, but that is most likely just because I saw their version first (years ago).

And I'm switching to Google Maps, which is much cooler and works better.
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Now, *that* is a coincidence...

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  • Yahoo is copying in every way. Even their email interface is copying GMail's style now more and more. Yahoo's main search page used to be a lot more noisy.
  • it uses google but with some extra junk, I'm a sucker for unnecessary features and eye candy

  • The reason I continue to stick to Google: stuff like that little bar at the top of Yahoo!'s search page asking for .50 cents to do a video search. Yahoo just can't seem to let go with plastering ads everywhere. Or trying to get you to use every other service when using one of their services.

  • The only thing I use Yahoo for is Yellow Pages searches (; google local is mired in its own infancy.

    But this is a step in the right direction for yahoo. Get all that crap off your stupid page. 1996 called and they're happy you stopped copying their web design.
    • The only thing I use Yahoo for is Yellow Pages searches (

      While it is still in free beta give this site: [] at try. It uses a lot of databases on top of the phone directorires which makes the results pretty impressive. The main drawbacks to it are it is only barely FireFox compatible (search results are supposed to have clickable links but don't) and that it will only be free while in beta.

      If you get a chance, try to submit feedback on the FireFox compatibility issues.
      • it will only be free while in beta

        Which aggravates me because the name "Zaba" is supposed to mean "free."
        Agreed, though, that I have gotten some impressive results from using Zaba. :) However, I will not be paying for their services.
  • It consistently gives faster directions (sometimes with a radically different route) than Yahoo.
  • I prefer [], I've had google give me really bad directions in the past and when you are zoomed in it replaces road numbers with names which is pretty useless because all the road signs use the number instead of name.
  • Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.. in each search engine, sometimes very different results can be found. I just wonder what makes top 10 of each search engine.

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