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Comment Artists are jerks (Score 1) 172 172

modern "fine art" artists are jerks. In stead of learning how to make masterpieces they are all about attitude and crap. All modern art is just a drug deal game anyways, it's all about laundering money it now appears. What, did you really think some screaks of blue paint was worth 100 million to some Eastern euro people when the old masters don't fetch that much? Also I bunch of tax doges.

Comment Re:Aren't these already compromised cards? (Score 1) 269 269

haha, I love sending assholes like you away. The card says "not vaild unless signed" for a reason. And we compare the sig to the one on the ID not the one on the paper to verify. Entitled middle class+ jerks that were born into silk sheets that never really had to work thinking you are above the rules and can expose me to liability then stand around and insult my employees.

Comment The police ticket system is a dragnet (Score 1) 760 760

Don't forget in the United States police force members routinely admit in YouTube lectures they mostly pull people over as a (illegal) dragnet. Hoping they will smell booze or spot a stolen radio or find someone with an outstanding warrant out. They could care less about you doing a rolling stop at a stopsign usually. This is part of the reason younger people get stopped more and why minorities get stopped more. A cop tells me they can trail anyone for 5 miles and find at least one legitimate reason to pull them. It's pure harassment. And if you don't do something like change lanes were it is technically illegal, they just make something up that is un-disprovable. Such as "you were driving a little erratic".

Comment wireless charging mats are gimmicky anyways (Score 1) 184 184

wireless charging mats are gimmicky anyways.

The device still has to be right on top of the mat, and they never work quite as well as wires. Like plugging in a cable is that much harder anyways. The mat still has to be plugged in so it's not like you can charge and walk around or anything.

Comment passions count. 'me too!' products suck anyways (Score 1, Insightful) 205 205

TV is dead anyways. I am no fanboy but this makes me like Steve Jobs a little more. The fact that he liked some things and hated others gave the company a vision and gave him a passion. Google could learn from this instead of scattershotting with everything with 'me too products' that fail and just hurt the brand ( and waste money). TV in that era was especially bad, I can't stand people that like sitcoms. protip=friends, the big bang theory, and cheers are all the same show. A bad one.

Comment you are half right (Score 1) 320 320

What you pointed out is a big problem, but don't pretend the way science is funded isn't broken. You have to publish to get jobs, and "massaging" the data to get better results is very common now. Plus in any field with money, there is distorting effects. I can't find the slashdot link, but there was a doctor that reigned from a major journal saying there was no independent evidence that statins helped at all and he felt he could no longer trust a lot of medical studies. Also don't forget all the important people in places like the FDA are future and or former corporate heads, and yes it effects their judgement.

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