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Comment Re:How long will the company stay up? (Score 1) 494

THe reason they do these things is because the CEOs still get their 7 figure stock options and retire rich and happy. Thye only way to stop people like wall street bank firms and others from laughing all the way to the bank is to impose real consequences. They need to start jailing people that cheat regulators, only hope reallh

Comment Re:Minimally invasive education (Score 1) 112

This only works in enclave schools. In my school with 45 students per class, over half of them English language learners and most of them not having a computer at home, and most of them being slow learners you would of had no space for that. And even when we tried the other kids parents shouted racism at us and forced us to try to include kids that couldn't do jack and torpedoed the whole project.

Comment manchild and thier nerf toys get real (Score 2) 474

I want to come to work at 8:30, take an hour lunch and leave at 5:30. During that time I work, I don't facebook, I don't surf the web, I don't IM on my phone. I don't need perks besides a quiet office environment with a comfortable chair. I really don't need lunge chairs in the lounge or a lounge at all or nerf toys or free snacks all day, and I don't want the co-workers those things attract

Comment if you use it to punish the women (Score 1) 170

Why do I feel this would be used to punish the real workers even more and give the women free passes? Offices I have been at always have some lazy workers (usually women) that facebook, and generally kill 3 to 5 hours a day till it is time to go home, smart phone broswering ( how does this help that?) personnel calls, office kitchen chatter, etc. Somehow I feel they will still be gone soft on and the people will use 95% of their time well will just be ridden harder. Because certain people just seem to get a free pass because of social tyes and manager subconscious favoritism.

Comment regarding perks (Score 1) 268

Regarding perks. I've always been suspicious of the IT companies that offer man-child tier tastes such as nurf toys or endless candy bars and lounge chairs. The best workers are 40 years old, show up at 8am, take an hour lunch, and leave at 6 pm. And anyways we all know a lot office workers are lazy in general, though some of that is from Dilbert-ish stagnation of corporate stuff.

Comment Re:Appropriate (Score 1) 120

So can the Professor at the last moment before rdy-for-market product is designed abscond to the private sector to cash in screwing over his new host? Get real. There is a reason he was at the university. The system of grants works as a part of a bigger system, stop being a pedantic and realize his old university is owed something if not everything.

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