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Comment: Re:Not the school's place to provide those things (Score 1) 505

by johncadengo (#36322606) Attached to: School Super Asks Governor To Make His School District a Prison

What a narrow argument. Let's see how it looks reversed.

Do you know what prisons are for? They're for punishment. If criminals don't have a roof over their head, they shouldn't have gotten convicted. If they don't get three meals, they shouldn't have gone to prison. If they don't have access to a fitness center, they should've hired better lawyers. Want to earn a degree? Stay out of prison! Books and computers? Should've thought of that before landing themselves in trouble.

Besides, public schools were never intended to educate.

Comment: Re:big loss (Score 1) 1251

Remember Turing's Halting problem? Given a description of a program, figure out if it finishes or it runs forever? You can't provide a general solution, but you can provide a specific one.

Creationism is a falsifiable theory - it just takes a really long time.

One day, either we'll all be dead, or Jesus will return.

Comment: Gold for salt. (Score 3, Insightful) 332

by johncadengo (#34229086) Attached to: China To Build Its Own Large Jetliner

I remember learning in school that West Africans would trade gold for salt, pound for pound, with people from Northern Africa and abroad because they didn't know how to make their own salt and they needed it to survive. It always made me wonder why they didn't just pay gold, even if it was an incredible amount, for the knowledge to secure their own salt. Producing salt wasn't all that difficult, if I remember correctly, the salt traders would just evaporate seawater in little holes in the ground and scrap up the leftovers.

Thrashing is just virtual crashing.