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Comment: Re:Advatages of ZFS over BTRFS? (Score 1) 297

by johanwanderer (#44885965) Attached to: OpenZFS Project Launches, Uniting ZFS Developers
I recently had a bunch of BTRFS failure on disks with heavy traffic. It's terrifying when you have to reboot any of those servers.

The only saving grace was the cluster was able to tolerate multiple block device failures, so I was able to reformat those disks using ZFS and resync the data.

To sum up, I experimented on an experimental file system, got burnt, and then switched back to ZFS. I didn't lose data, just time and frustrations.

Comment: Re:Clinical records are hard (Score 1) 220

by johanwanderer (#44885761) Attached to: Abandoned UK National Health Service IT System Has Cost $16bn... So Far
Another use of the paper record is when they need to re-input all that into the new systems they upgrade to.

It sounds like a joke, but it's not. Happens all the time. These office systems are so obscure that the new vendors often time don't even bother to migrate the data, forcing manual data entry for all the relevant records. It's very sad.

It's the same when these "office" systems have thousands of connected offices. Each would still have to re-enter its records.

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