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Comment: Possibly new approach (Score 1) 195

by johanwanderer (#48638027) Attached to: Quantum Physics Just Got Less Complicated
On the other hand, New Scientist reported on a new approach with leaky (non-infinite) multiverse that can explain away both of these uncertainties. It's at least an interesting read.

Ghost universes kill Schrödinger's quantum cat

To quote:
"THE wave function has collapsed – permanently. A new approach to quantum mechanics eliminates some of its most famous oddities, including the concept of quantum objects being both a wave and a particle, and existing in multiple states at once."

Comment: Re:Linux, cryptography, HTML and JavaScript. (Score 4, Informative) 144

by johanwanderer (#47893339) Attached to: Harvard's CompSci Intro Course Boasts Record-Breaking Enrollment
It's CS50. It's not even a 100-level classes. This is their way of saying, pay us $X for 3 course credits and see if you would even like to continue down this path.

The title should be: 1 in 8 Harvard students hopelessly undecided about Computer Science.

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