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Comment Re:It's because of those XP EOL users (Score 2) 504

this, a thousand times this.

We'll be lucky to be halfway off XP on the desktop by 2013. Between user resistance, licensing restrictions, compliance requirements, tight replacement budgets, and vendors dragging their feet, I'll be supporting thousands of XP installs until 2014.

Comment I guess I'm still a sysadmin - & apple fanboy (Score 1) 374

2 adults (we both are IT) & a male teenager

File server (ppc powermac)
desktop x 3 (iMac & 2 homebuilt game rigs)
Laptop x 4 (MacBook pro & 3 windows)
iPhone x 3
iPad x 2
PS3 x 2
DirecTV connector

Extra credit - I cabled the house myself

Comment Air Conditioner ... (Score 1) 715

the overhead AC in the test lab froze over the weekend, the ice then melted, the drip pan overflowed (the ceiling tiles got soaked, dripped, and then broke). the workstation underneath suffered the water torture for a couple hours and then the video cards shorted.

that Monday was spent filling out reams of paperwork. still hasn't been replaced, still a hole in the ceiling.

Comment Re:Money (Score 1) 317

Excellent point, and further I agree with the political sentiment I (would like to) sense implied ...

Having said that ... hitting flying objects and blowing them up is cool!
Maybe letting the military play with these toys and the wrinkly contractors pocket a few bills yields a technology that might be useful at some indeterminate future point?
Has that ever happened before? Maybe more importantly ... can the US afford that now?
Speaking sentimentally (my father was military turned wrinkly contractor) ... is this the kind of program in a fuzzy area that can be justified as R&D, is politically possible, maybe has possible 'soft power' dividends, keeps the engineers and rocket scientists working & production lines running ... does that pass the smell test?

Comment Re:A Question (Score 1) 128

This is true, but the key difference is that people aren't mucking about with the latest installation of their airbag, and criminals aren't gaining access to peoples' cars without their knowledge and tampering with the airbag; in other words, if the airbag fails it's very likely the manufacturer's fault, they exercise almost total control over the system in the vast majority of cars.

Contrast this to computer security problems, which are sometimes the fault of the security provider (in this case Microsoft) but just as often (if not more often) is the result of user interference (people misunderstanding how the security system works or disabling security altogether) and malicious intent.

The real culprit isn't Microsoft, but the people who write malware; for some reason we don't spend much time blaming the criminal and we heap all our discontent on Microsoft. Maybe because they're the easy target here. At any rate, hopefully this shows why a lawsuit against Microsoft is illogical; they do not have sufficient control over the situation to prosecute them.

Comment Re:So these guys keep wanting to prove my point! (Score 1) 122

Forza is to Gran Turismo as Road and Track is to Top Gear.

Forza is about cars. Gran Turismo is about driving. Until i see crazy shit like the Model T, crazy 60's racers, and the DeLorean in Forza, no sale. Gran Turismo is a love letter to the car. Forza's a book report.

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