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Open Source

+ - Ulteo Open Virtual Desktop 2.5 ready for download

Submitted by joestar
joestar (225875) writes "A new version of the Ulteo Open Virtual Desktop 2.5 is now available for download. It adds scalability features for large virtual desktop and application deployment projects. The Ulteo OVD is a Citrix-like Open Source infrastructure software that plugs to an existing infrastructure and can deliver both Linux & Windows applications to users through a web browser, as a desktop or in a web portal mode. The news is available on their web site."

+ - Open Virtual Desktop solution is available!->

Submitted by
joestar writes "An Open Source solution for virtualizing user desktop and Windows and Linux applications is now available for download as a 1.0 release. What's interesting in that Ulteo Open Virtual Desktop is that it can merge Windows and/or Linux applications into the same user desktop so that users just don't care. Worth a visit and a download!"
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+ - Ulteo releases "Open Virtual Desktop" ->

Submitted by
kilykily writes "Imagine that as a corporate sysadmin you'd like to deliver applications such as or Thunderbird to your 500 desktop users — and maybe tomorrow add a couple more — without installing any software on their PC. Unless you are using Citrix or a thin-client infrastructure, it was impossible until today. Now you can install Ulteo's "Open Virtual Desktop", link it to your AD/LDAP user directory and CIFS fileserver, decide which app is to be published for which user and ask users to connect to a local URL with IE or Firefox. You're done! For now you can deliver any Linux application, and they say it will be possible to deliver Windows apps in three months. And by the way, it's Open Source software!"
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Operating Systems

+ - Ulteo brings to the web browser!->

Submitted by
joestar writes "Just announced on their website and now on some news sites: 2.3 can now be used online within the web browser (at least Firefox and IE), without prior download nor install. I've just tried it and they have implemented an interesting way to print documents, as a PDF download. It seems that the Ulteo plateform also offers some realtime desktop sharing capabilities, for training and workgroup. I would love to access all my apps online the same way!"
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