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Comment Re:No, they're not (Score 1) 113

Android is not a mess. As usual, you get what you pay for. There are many really high quality choices from 4 or 5 manufacturers. That's a great place to be in. It breeds competition and so the hardware will get better. This is the same debate we have been having for year in the PC space. When you try to compare a free or $99 device with one that costs $700, your not comparing apples to apples.

Comment Yahoo TV is a steaming pile anyway. (Score 1) 176

I tried to watch Community on their TV service but even when logged in, it didn't keep track of what I had seen (it tried but was never correct) and rarely displayed the next episode when I finished one. It would auto play an episode 3 or 4 away from where I was in the show. The steam itself was okay once it got started, but if I paused the playback, upon resume the CC would have to be manually turned off. It's a hot mess and I don't see how they could continue with it. I guess my point is that I agree with their decision to "reduce availability" of Yahoo TV.

Comment Re:Not a shocking revelation to be honest . . (Score 1) 237

This is my issue with OP's comment. Any time I hear someone say, "Kids these days" or "People are more selfish than they used to be" I cringe a little. People have been horrible to each other all along. We should be vigilant of cheaters; but implying that cheating wasn't rampant in the past is shortsighted at best.

Comment Re:A Mimic Device Is Precisely What They Want (Score 1) 338

I'm not sure that I agree with you. While I do not have any experience with th Zune, (but have heard great things about Marketplace)the X-Box 360 is NOT a quality product. It has a failure rate above every console ever released, the max graphical capability is above the Wii but well below the PS3, and it's online play costs the consumer money.

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