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Comment Re:Other than the symbolic part (Score 2) 103

What is the actual purpose on doing DDoS attacks on some rarely visited government web sites? If people want to actually change things, they should really go out and protest against the government rather than sitting behind the safety of their monitors clicking endlessly until some crappy configured server goes down.

During the past years the Egyptian government tried to reduce bureaucracy (which is huge) and corruption (imho) by introducing a lot of services e.g. authoring certificates, accessible from Internet. This was a big project in collaboration with Microsoft. So I suppose that by doing DDoS attacks on these websites the governmental sector will halt.

Comment Re:It's not the phone...it's the cost of service (Score 1) 204

I suppose that you live in USA. If that's true then you can buy a developer version of G1 from here which points you to here for 399$ + 25$ for Android's developer registration. It's not locked to T-Mobile and you can use it with any mobile provider you prefer.

p.s. Apologies if it has been mentioned before in this thread.

Comment Re:Doesn't Sound so Bad (Score 1) 202

Is your boss the owner of the company? I am asking because here where I live many managers don't like solutions like the one you provided since purchasing new hardware/software systems may result to hidden gifts from the sellers. You know, "Your purchase cost 100.000, here is 5.000 for your efforts"

Comment Re:What was their target subscriber pool? (Score 1) 89

Disclaimer:I'm a mmo pvp die-hard, which is why I stayed away from that game.

So you are an mmo pvp die-hard and you don't play Warhammer. What game do you play then?

By the way one could say that Warhammer is an MMORPG not an MMO. There is difference between those two genres.

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