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Comment Re:locations.... (Score 1) 57

Google has announced the conversion of a TVA coal->steam plant in Stephenson Alabama to a data center. It is on the Tennessee River and they expect it to be a net energy producer. TVA has cheap electricity and they always have the river to aid cooling.

I am sure there were/are tax breaks but this is a plant scheduled to close in a small town. If Google's energy claims are semi-correct, it is a good move.

Comment Out of State Driving Trips (Score 1) 837

Assuming the per mile tax were acceptable, no one has mentioned that it assumes that all miles are driven within their jurisdiction. I drive approximately 10K miles per year including commuting and road trips. Being about 20 miles from the state line in one direction and 60 in another, the road trips end up with most of their miles out of state. This plan would have me fill up the car in another state and pay taxes at home.

Also consider the classic "Wally World" vacation driving trip. I live in the southeastern US. It is approximately 2000 miles to LA. In the past, I have done multiple three week driving trips to the west where my total mileage was between 5000 and 6000 miles[1]. All but say 100 miles of that was out of state but would be taxed by both where I actually drove and purchased fuel and by my state.

[1] The first day out and last day home were long driving days in shifts. We would knock out most of the distance to the first point of interest and actually be doing something the next day. Other drives were shorter and in between attractions. The trips would always include at least a couple of three-five day stays somewhere worthy.

Comment Twenty Years Ago in Ventura County (Score 4, Insightful) 395

That this would be a new idea surprises me. In 2009, the US had the Car Allowance Rebate System (aka Cash for Clunkers) program which likely helped reduce emissions even it was more of an economic program. Further back, twenty years ago Ventura County offered money to get old clunkers off the road strictly for emissions reasons. In 1995 per the article I link below, "More than 50% of the smog comes from vehicle emissions and a large percentage of that comes from older, pre-1974 clunkers." If you look at the distribution of cars, many are late model, well-maintained, and operating at or very near their peak. But as cars age and lose value, newer cars are built to higher emissions (and safety) standards, the parts get worn, routine maintenance gets done but many repairs aren't done because it isn't worth it based on the value of the vehicle. In areas without emissions testing, there is absolutely zero incentive to worry about it with an older vehicle. I realize this every time I get behind a vehicle that is smoking or burns my eyes because it is in such bad shape. This is not even about zero or low emissions, it is simply about getting extreme polluters off the road.

Bottom line: Encourage people to replace clunkers and keep their vehicle well-maintained.

As an odd aside, there are articles that show a similar distribution of costs in emergency room. A small number of patients dominate ER costs in the US because they have no insurance and chronic conditions. Google that one for yourself.

Ventura County Reference:

Comment Re:IBM selling Mainframes to the Nazis? (Score 1) 110

They sold tabulating machines based on Hollerith cards (yes punch cards). They were indeed put to use for the US census around 1890 if memory serves. These machines were apparently also used by US in tracking who was in the Japanese internment camps.

Comment Re:Curated Collection (Score 1) 139

OTOH, Google Play was launched in March, 2012 (yeah, I was surprised, too!) ; so, I'd still say that Apple's App Store can safely be said to have "come first"...

Nice try there. Thanks for playing.

It may have been renamed Google Play in March 2012 but you could get Android applications from the Android Market long before that. The original Android ADP (aka HTC Dream or T-Mobile G1) had access to the marker. Our friend Wikipedia contradicts your statement and notes the Android Market had a launch date of 22 October 2008. So only July to October difference on the launch dates which more or less makes them concurrently developed.

Comment Re:What about the 136 other Organizations Accepted (Score 1) 53

I am pretty sure over 50% of the organizations that apply are not accepted in any given year.

The requirements you list are minimum ones. Speaking as an organization administrator for GSoC (and ESA SOCIS), there is a lot of work that must be done so an organization can do a good job with students. The ideas must be summer-sized projects with clear goals. You want an easy on-ramp for new developers with a welcoming community. You realistically need multiple mentors per student, to be responsive to those students, and to track them so they don't fall into a pit. You are also responsible for helping them set realistic mid-term and final goals that they can be evaluated against.

And this ignores helping promote the program, recruit students, and try to keep the students involved in your organization or free software in general after the summer is over.

If you haven't mentored or been an organization administrator for GSoC, then you don't know how seriously all organizations take being able to be prepared and do a good job for their students. The IRC meeting with discussions on why some organizations didn't make it this year is at: It starts at 16:00. Not sure how much detail they got into. I just did a quick scan.

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