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Bringing Up Bill 169

Posted by kdawson
from the plenty-of-freedom dept.
theodp writes "Over at the WSJ, Bill Gates Sr. describes what it took to turn an unruly 12-year-old into Microsoft's founder and the world's richest man. This included throwing a glass of cold water in the boy's face when he was having a particularly heated argument with his mother at the dinner table. 'He was nasty,' says Libby Armintrout, Bill's younger sister. 'I'm at war with my parents over who is in control,' Bill Gates recalls telling a therapist, who told his parents that their son would ultimately win the battle for independence, and their best course of action was to ease up on him. The rest, as they say, is history. The accompanying Gates Family Album is also worth a look."

Comment: Re:geothermal pipe dream (Score 1) 397

by joelby (#20120191) Attached to: The Potential of Geothermal Power
Ground moving all the time? Too dangerous to put a power plant? You don't have to drill into a volcano. Hot rock projects in Australia are using fractured granites at depths of around 5KM. The surface of inland Australia isn't really known for moving all the time or being dangerous, despite what you might imagine about the wildlife.

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