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+ - Novelist Blames Piracy on Open Source Culture-> 3

Submitted by joeflies
joeflies (529536) writes " published an article entitled "Digital Piracy Hits the e-Book Industry". The article quotes the following statement by novelist Sherman Alexie made: "With the open-source culture on the Internet, the idea of ownership — of artistic ownership — goes away," Alexie added. "It terrifies me.""
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+ - Selling other people's identity

Submitted by joeflies
joeflies (529536) writes "The San Francisco Chronicle has an extensive article on the controversial site Jigsaw, which makes it easy to sell other people's identity information. Jigsaw encourages people to collect business cards and email signature blocks, which is compiled together into a searchable database. Participants earn points towards their own searches or earn money.

Is this exactly what Scott McNealy meant when he said electronic privacy is dead?"

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