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An anonymous reader writes "Late last year, a draft of the European Union proposal for the intellectual property chapter of the Canada — EU Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement leaked online. The leak revealed that the EU was seeking some significant changes to Canadian IP laws. Negotiations have continued and Michael Geist has now obtained an updated copy of the draft chapter, complete with proposals from both the EU and Canada. He says the breadth of the demands are stunning — the EU is demanding nothing less than a complete overhaul of Canadian IP laws including copyright, trademark, databases, patent, geographic indications, and even plant variety rights."
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by joe_garage (#31195852) Attached to: How To Play HD Video On a Netbook
codec packs are really never required and often just crap up your system .. Media Player Classic Home Cinema has built in EVR renderer and plays 1080p files (at at least up to 40mps bitrate) on ION netbooks and ION 330's using the GPU instead of the CPU .. also - XBMC has two different branches out now that use GPU acceleration for perfect 1080p playback hardware like above ...

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