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Comment: I wish... (Score 0) 360

by joe2tiger (#34253502) Attached to: Internet Explorer 9 Caught Cheating In SunSpider
I could still use Internet Explorer 8. I have 9 right now, but certain websites that my job requires me to go to locks me out of some content. and some other sites that my school has access to is nonfunctional. I know most pages comply, but the few that don't - why are we forced to use Microsoft software?

Comment: Question: If we had such a computer, or artificial (Score 1, Interesting) 127

by joe2tiger (#33797986) Attached to: It's Time To Build the Analytical Engine
Question: If we had such a computer, or artificial intelligence. Would we be aware of it’s existence? I am leading to the idea that our military intelligence would likely have AI and suppress any knowledge of it until it is leaked or we are ready. I like to think that we have the tech now for cars to drive themselves but our society isn’t ready for a leap, so we are getting slow introductions to it – i.e. Microsoft Sync that is only available to those who want to buy a new Ford

BP's Gulf Spill Report Shows String of Failures 181

Posted by CmdrTaco
from the commence-the-finger-pointing dept.
eldavojohn writes "News is out of BP's report on the gulf spill that shifts some of the blame on to other companies like Transocean that worked with BP in erecting the Deepwater Horizon rig. If you were affected by the spill, you might find the video, executive summary and 193-page report an interesting read. The summary outlines six or seven major failures in safety and engineering that all built up to the deaths of eleven workers and widespread contamination of the gulf. From incorrectly using seawater instead of drilling fluid to misinterpreting pressure test results, this report is just BP's side of the story as the blowout preventer has been pulled up and is still on its way to NASA where it will be analyzed by government investigators who will be able to compile their own report."

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