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Comment Re:Sputnik? (Score 1) 33

Sputnik in fact was an AFTERTHOUGHT.

The Russians had a single unified ICBM effort and they decided to just "put a cherry on top" as it were. American leadership was much less in a panic about it than the general public. Eisenhower also liked the idea of setting the precedent of allowing sat overflights as the US was priming to put up spy satellites.

Comment Re:15 years old? (Score 2, Insightful) 276

...and even then, you can only do what's feasible. "Environmentalists" really get nasty when you rain on their parade with things like facts. If you have (or are getting) a STEM degree, you are likely to get shunned. They don't even like people with a proper science or engineering background at the EPA.

People with an agenda don't want to be bothered with pesky issues like reality.

Comment Re:The PC is for job search (Score 1) 163

Plus not everyone is interested in using their PC as an expression of how much money they have to waste (or rather don't). Some people just view the PC as a tool to get shit done. As long as it gets shit done, it doesn't matter how fancy it is or whether or not it can impress some random loser you've never met and never will.

Comment Re:Question for Bernie Sanders (Score 1) 212

Probably because no one knows and/or cares about Chavez and/or his policies?

That's decidedly not true about Senator Sanders' followers. Whether he is a real Socialist or not, plenty of people, who fancy themselves as such follow him. And Chavez was the world's number one Socialist just a few years ago. Indeed, he was once a special guest of the World Social Forum.

So, no, you aren't going to succeed playing "Chavez who?". You yourself have now replied thrice in this thread, and yet can not point at a single thing, Sanders would do differently from Chavez... Figures...

Comment Re:Question for Bernie Sanders (Score 1) 212

Bernie Sanders isn't a socialist.

Must we keep using the labels and stereotypes? I'm about to get triggered...

So asking him about Chavez is entirely irrelevant.

Several people responded in this sub-thread of mine, some of them — multiple times. And yet, not one was willing (or able?) to offer a single policy difference...

Comment Or just keep the government away from it (Score 1) 97

The panelists insisted that it is the duty of world leaders to safeguard their citizens' privacy, just as corporations are answerable to leaks and hacks.

With corporations already answerable, how about we simply keep the government away from the data — and make corporations provide all of the anonymity-threatening services? Then we will not need to establish yet another governmental Department (of Privacy) and live happy fulfilling lives?

Comment Re:What about the children!?!?! (Score -1, Troll) 139

> At what point do people need to take responsibility for their actions or words?

The point at which they actually do real harm.

A bunch of butthurt SJWs getting upset enough to form a lynch mob is not sufficient justification.

The irony here is that it's the SJWs that are out to do something resembling a real crime here.

Comment Re:Question for Bernie Sanders (Score 1) 212

Bernie Sanders isn't a real socialist.

I'm yet to hear about a politician, who is accepted by Socialists as a "real" one. Maybe, Che Guevara?..

But, in any case, I didn't ask, whether he is a "real Socialist" — nor whether Hugo Chavez was one. I'm inquiring, what, if anything, in the good Senator's opinion, has Chavez done wrong. Some policy initiative of his, that Sanders would never consider...

Comment Re:Question for Bernie Sanders (Score 1) 212

You can spend 5 minutes of your time and fucking read it.

So, in response to a polite question to outline the differences you've posted several curses-ridden and abusive responses, none of them outlining the differences.

Either the differences do not really exist (as I suspected) or you personally are unable to see any. I think, we are done here.

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