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User Journal

Journal: analysis of poll

Journal by jockeys
Galactic Federation (Star Trek)
Benevolent socialists with insane tech explore space and spend all their time playing interstellar boy scouts.
Given the current state of human nature? Not really. Plus many laws of physics will have to be revoked.

Sullen Dystopia (Blade Runner)
Society continues along the downward spiral, picking up a few new techs along the way.
Honestly, this one is easier to believe than most. The tech is way less ludicrous, and humanity is just as bad as ever.

Interstellar Frontier (Firefly)
Civil War in Space! Trade your kepis for spacesuits. Lovable southerners with amazing tech tangle with despicable yankees who have even more amazing tech.
Eh. It'd be amusing, but we've already been thru all that nonsense before, and I could do without a repeat.

Technological Utopia (Gattaca)
The sinister forces of minimalist art take over the world somehow, and impose their terrifying aesthetic on all. Overtones of fascism make it juicier.
Very low-tech for the future, most attainable yet. Ridiculous fascist view of genetics gets easier to believe every day.

Charred Wasteland (Terminator 2)
Robots done blowed everything up! AI experiment gone wrong decides to put naughty humanity in the corner... permanently.
LISP is cool but this is just plain silly. Every other aspect of tech (except time travel) somewhat believable.

Crazy Space New York (Fifth Element)
NYC's noise, color, citizens and grime survive, modified but generally unmolested, into the 25th century.
Tech somewhat overdone, but so likeable you want to believe it.

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