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Comment Re:Yawn (Score 1) 105

What an enlightened response. You were probably posting the same thing when people like me were warning that the government was domestic spying. But yeah, we were just paranoid, the government would never do that....

Your order of straw has arrived for the construction of your argument.

Who said I didn't believe the government was heavily involved in domestic spying? That has been obvious since the 50's. It has nothing to do with the level of paranoia expressed from believing that your fingerprint can be reverse engineered from a hash stored in your phone.

Can you recover my 35 character password after it's been salted and hashed?

Comment Re:Samsung = Apple.clone() (Score 1) 105

Lol. Samsung were working on a watch before Mac rumours even suggested the idea. As for unusable, it doesn't seem any different to the iWatch, I've used both and both are equally useless though at least Samsung's has longer battery life.

Who said anything about first tablet? Please read my post before rebuffing. I was talking about the iPad mini. The one that Apple said it would never do until they saw the success of the Galaxy Note series and then had to be in the market.

As for stylus, please. Comparing the tablet market of today to the Newton is grasping for straws. Especially since it was Apple who said you shouldn't have a stylus on a tablet... oh until they decided they needed a iPad Pro to compete with Samsung.

mmmm Apple juice.

Of course it's grasping at straws - it's making fun of your entire straw man argument.

Also, you have it wrong on the iPad Pro - Apple aren't competing with Samsung there, they're competing with Microsoft. The Surface Pro is the reason Apple made the iPad Pro. Samsung had nothing to do with it. You should at least try to have a small understanding of Apple's competitors before trying to look smart. Of course, you did it because you're trying to use it to bolster your "Apple stole the stylus idea from Samsung" argument so I can see why you'd want to distort the truth, it just makes you look transparently silly.

And as for "working on the watch long before mac rumours suggested it" you're right - they probably were, but how does what one rumour site say relate to what Apple is doing? I'm struggling to see how what a non-affliated website says in any way is proof that Samsung was working on a smartwatch before Apple was. You'll have to help me there, the logic escapes me. More Hate Mist of Fact Obscurity I suspect.

Comment Re:Google wallet (Score 1) 105

Samsung's trump card here is the tech that allows it to work with credit card readers that don't have NFC tech (although it also works with those obviously) by using a device that works via the mag stripe reader.

They're hoping that there's going to be enough of those terminals still around to gain some traction, although they chose an odd time to release it since those types of terminals are being phased out due to the big shift in fraud liability in the US. They will be around for some time to come, however.

Other than that, it's effectively the same as Google Wallet.

Comment Re:Samsung = Apple.clone() (Score 1) 105

They were both developing a watch at the same time. Samsung released early because they thought Apple was close to being ready, and as a result came out what that hilariously laughable Gear that was virtually unusable it also wasn't "several years" before Apple's watch hit market. Surprise surprise, by the time Apple is ready to launch Samsung has improved the Gear into a market ready product. Who knew that you actually need development time?!

Apple's first tablet was not the first tablet ever by a long shot - and they never claimed it was. You can thank Microsoft for that one, but it was the first tablet that people wanted to buy.

Oh, and what device with a stylus did Samsung release that predates the Newton? I must have forgotten that one.

Man, and people say Apple users are subject to a reality distortion field! I guess the corresponding one from the "other side" is the Hate Mist of Fact Obscurity.

Comment Re:Coke is great! (Score 1) 133

I've used it to clean rust of metal. I thought it was a myth until I tried it and it work much better than I had expected. It's also a great grease remover!
As for drinking it, blech - I can't understand how people can drink all this sugary shit and wonder why their health is slowly deteriorating.

It's just another negative externality from the corporate pirates raiding society of all it's value.

Well of course - it's acidic.

Other things that will clean rust off metal: freshly squeezed orange juice, vinegar, tomato ketchup.

Comment Re:Oh it's worse (Score 2) 133

Sodium benzoate causes cancer. They knew about it for years. When it looked like the whole story was about to break, they *silently* pull it and replace it with potassium benzoate.

Does that cause cancer? The jury's still out, but the signs aren't good.

Bottom line is, there's little doubt that KO pumped Americans full of carcinogens for decades. And the "new" alternative is highly suspect.

Sodium benzoate is not a carcinogen, either as the sodium salt or as the acid.

It is possible for the benzoate ion to react with vitamin C to form benzene (which is a carcinogen), but which is present in such low concentrations that there's really no solid science to state that "coke is a carcinogen" (since many sodas also contain vitamin C). When beverages were tested, coke changed the recipe for anything that caused a positive test over a few ppb. Of course, this is a nefarious scheme because they didn't yell about it.

I get it: big corporations don't ever do anything in the best interests of anyone but themselves and everything is a grand conspiracy.

Comment Re:misses the point entirely. (Score 1) 174

It's not a straw man, it's the crux of the argument. My original argument centred on that.

You then asked what numbers were used to justify that and I pointed out it was metrics conduced by Apple on its customers and you then sarcastically dismissed them out of hand as untrustworthy - in other words, Apple is so untrustworthy that it can't trust its own data when making a decision about releasing an app on Android targeted at platform switchers.

I'm not sure what point you're trying to argue here? That Apple is bad? I understand that it's not enough that you just enjoy the platform that you have decided works for you but that you must bash opposing platforms as much as possible, but your arguments are not staying coherent.

Comment Re:Duh (Score 1) 246

Does Apple actually allow you to run an app on your own iDevice without paying the $99 fee? I thought you had to pay it even if you were developing and testing on your own iDevice, not just if you wanted to distribute it.

Yes it does.

And as of iOS9 you can side load apps onto your device without paying as long as you build from source.

Comment Re:Free as in allowing sneakernet use (Score 1) 246

Linux source code can legally be downloaded once per neighborhood and sneakernetted from one machine to another. Xcode, being proprietary software, doesn't allow this.

Where's the "-5 hilariously wrong" mod?

I think you just demonstrated that your dislike of a company is strong enough that you don't mind lying to spread FUD.

Comment Re:Vetting of apps? (Score 3, Informative) 246

Of course Apple have a monopoly on their own products... I'm not sure how you can't see that this is obviously legal.

There's no legal problem with being the only store on a product that you sell, *especially* when Android makes up the bulk of the smartphone market.

So, "how that can even be legal" is that Apple are not a monopoly as far as smartphones are concerned, nor are they leveraging their non-monopoly position in one area to promote their business in another.

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