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Comment Re:Upstart? Scarebus? Comparison to Concorde? (Score 1) 345

It didn't go supersonic over land on either side of the world. They waited until they were out over water before doing so for the sake of the people on the ground.

There was no getting away from the fact that it was a noisy aircraft though - 4 large turbojets will do that.

Comment Re:Upstart? Scarebus? Comparison to Concorde? (Score 1) 345

The Concorde also changed size (considerably) when in supercruise due to thermal expansion and it didn't leak, but it also wasn't built entirely of titanium and only had to consider mach 2, not mach 3 and beyond that made the SR-71 such a remarkable aircraft for the time.

Comment Re:Impressive, if true (Score 1) 248

The GP is using the Kerbal Space Program value - it takes 800-900 m/s to get to Mun from low Kerbin orbit, but the Kerbal solar system is scaled down by about a factor of ten while the values for gravity are similar to the real solar system - Kerbin has the same gravity as the Earth but is ten times smaller, for example.

Comment Re:Not streamed at 256Kbps (Score 1) 574

My quote specifically mentioned Spotify, Beats and Apple Music, and while it didn't mention other services like Tidal directly, those also exist. It specifically applied to more than just Apple music - I looked for a quote that encompassed more than just Apple (I assume you actually read the quote and/or article and didn't just look at the URL and draw your conclusions?)

I'm also amazed that you're putting so much stock in a slashdot UI thing that I had totally forgotten existed in the ten years since I started using this site. I have nothing against you personally here, but you sure seem to be very sensitive about how you're perceived. I'm not the one here trying to "evade" the topic. I'm also not the one trying to make this personal.

You made an assumption, I corrected it with a sourced quote that covered multiple music streaming services, then also performed a network test on one of them (I don't have accounts for the others) to confirm that the advertised streaming rate was accurate.

This is all on the back of a story about Neil Young pulling his music from all streaming services over his belief that they are lower quality than any other music distribution system invented since he was alive, including AM radio and 8 track tape.

I'm not sure how you can draw the conclusion that I "[don't] know something about" this topic. If you can point out where I've made a factual error worthy of classifying my comments as "ignorant noise" then I'm all ears.

Comment Re:Not streamed at 256Kbps (Score 1) 574

Foe? What? If I've clicked anything on the slashdot UI that marked that then it was entirely by accident - I've had this account for over a decade, but I don't use the friend or foe thing. Assuming it's the icon next to your UID it is orange on my screen and titled "freak" so I have no idea what that means, I certainly didn't set that up, or if I did it was ten years ago when I first registered and I was testing out what the buttons did - I've never actually used it to keep a list of "enemies".

Like I said, I have no idea who you are.

As far as streaming rates go - Young is pulling his music from all streaming services due to "audio quality", and all of the major ones except Pandora are 256k or better. Tidal is lossless, yet he is claiming that he'll be back if they approach the quality of AM radio or 8 track tapes.

In other words, he is talking nonsense.

Comment Re:Not streamed at 256Kbps (Score 1) 574

Music today is streamed at 256k or better.

I know you desperately want to find some way of putting me down, but how about forgetting about who I am and just looking at network activity when one of these streaming services is running?

Who are you exactly? I'd have to know who you were before forgetting who you are, other than someone who is now changing their argument because they got called out.

I did actually test Apple Music's bitrate - I picked a random song I don't own and looked at the network traffic. It downloaded approximately 6 MB of data in a burst in the first few seconds of the song which was 3:08 long, which comes to *does calculation* about 256 kbit/s.

So, what am I looking for here exactly? Other than perhaps trying to figure out who you are maybe? Does that come from analysing my network traffic to determine that Apple's posted bitrate is accurate?

If so I'm not seeing how.

Comment Re:Not streamed at 256Kbps (Score 1) 574

Not streamed at 256Kbps so I really have no idea why you wrote all the irrelevant stuff above. This is about streaming audio and not some download once track for your mp3 player.
Consider how your post looks after such a basic mistake that renders it entirely offtopic. Those insults to the guy who was talking about something else don't look so clever now do they?

What are you talking about? Music today is streamed at 256k or better.

What "basic mistake" did the GP make? How does that affect the "cleverness of his insults"?

"Apple Music streams songs at 256kbps, which is the same rate as iTunes Match. That’s a bit of a drop from Beats Music and Spotify, which use a 320kbps bitrate."


Comment Re:Isn't Flash extinct? (Score 1) 199

It really wasn't - they were pushing web-native apps that you'd add to the springboard pretty hard when the iPhone launched. Just not ones that were powered by Flash because it was a performance and security nightmare.

The App Store was something they were not expecting would be as big as it was.

Comment Re:"as a Service" = you have to buy it Every Year? (Score 1) 189

Whether you trust microsoft or not, the fact remains that trying to push the "you need to buy it every year" line as a fact is in direct opposition to what Microsoft is publicly stating at this point.

Yes, that's true, but this whole thread is not about trying to push that as a fact. It was in response to, and I quote, "Seems like this is heading toward a yearly paid subscription model for an OS from Microsoft?" I would emphasis *seems like*. That is an *opinion* and quite a reasonable opinion given Microsoft's track record of

Perhaps I came off a little too brashly in my comment. I wasn't intended as a specific criticism of the GP per se, more a commentary on the repeated "MS will go back on this, you just wait, it's 100% assured" type comments that I've seen on /. every time a story about windows 10 comes up.

At some point we'll know whether or not they're serious beyond the first year, but then the narrative will just switch to "just wait, any time now" sword-of-damocles type stuff.

I honestly think Microsoft took a long, hard look at Windows and decided to take the plunge and emulate the OS X model. Now I know that the cost of development for OS X is rolled into the hardware for Apple (as do MS I have to assume), but I am also assuming that MS have figured that they'll be better off by making Windows a one time purchase with lifetime updates and then drawing revenue and money to develop it from other areas like Office, Xbox, cloud services etc, Any other stream that generates revenue for them.

Having the majority of your user base on the most current version of Windows because it's free to continually update as long as you bought it once has to outweigh the scenario where MS would love everyone to be on the latest version but that means people buying a copy.

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