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Submission + - Microsoft disables 'supercookies' used on (

suraj.sun writes: Microsoft said it has disabled an online tracking technology that, according to a Stanford Uni researcher, allowed the company to sneakily track users on — even after they deleted their browser cookies and other identifiers.

In an emailed comment Thursday, Mike Hintze, Microsoft's associate general counsel, said the company took "immediate action" when it learned about the presence of so-called "supercookies" on its networks from Stanford Uni researcher Jonathan Mayer. Mayer's research prompted Microsoft to move faster to disable the code, Hintze said.

Mayer's report follows one from researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, on the practice by many websites of using tracking mechanisms that can circumvent the privacy settings on a user's browser. The Berkeley researchers also found that many sites, including Hulu, employed supercookie techniques to track users for advertising purposes.


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