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Submission + - Apple iPhone 5 now on Sprint Nextel (cnbc.com)

jnaujok writes: We not only have a release date for the iPhone 5, but also news that it will be available for the first time on the Sprint Nextel network in addition to AT&T and Verizon. The news comes from CNBC, and includes a release date of mid October. This will impact Apple's bottom line, as the date is in Apple's fourth quarter, instead of the original late September date that would have helped push their 3rd quarter earnings. In other news, they're also releasing an 8GB "cheap" version of the iPhone at the same time.

Submission + - SpaceX Falcon 9 and Dragon make it to orbit (spacex.com)

jnaujok writes: This morning the Falcon 9 rocket carrying the Dragon capsule lifted off from Cape Canaveral at 10:43 Eastern time, after an earlier launch had been scrubbed because of a bad telemetry feed. A little over 9 minutes later, the Dragon capsule separate from the second stage into its intended orbit. Part of the COTS (Commercial access To Space) program, this is the first test of the Dragon capsule by SpaceX to prove it can be used to ferry supplies to the ISS. The Dragon capsule will make two or three orbits before returning to Earth about four hours after launch.

Submission + - GPS Tracking Without a Warrant Declared Legal (yahoo.com) 2

jnaujok writes: The Ninth Circuit court has declared that attaching a GPS tracker to your car, as it sits in your driveway, or, by extension on a public street, and then using it to monitor every one of your movements, is totally legal, and can be performed by the police without needing a warrant. So, if you live in the Western United States, big brother has arrived.

Submission + - Space Ship Two to be Unveiled Today (myway.com)

jnaujok writes: Today in the Mojave desert, after five years of secrecy, Virgin Galactic will be unveiling, "in a theatrical reveal," their new spacecraft, Space Ship Two. Although it's parent craft, White Knight Two, was shown to the public several months ago, Virgin Galactic and Scaled Composites have kept Space Ship Two tightly under wraps, releasing very little information, and fewer pictures.

"We've all been patiently waiting to see exactly what the vehicle is going to look like," said Peter Cheney, a 63-year-old potential space tourist from Seattle. "It would be nice to see it in the flesh."


Submission + - Physicists Find Formula for Spiderman Suit (spacemart.com)

jnaujok writes: "SpaceDaily reports that Physicists have found the formula for a Spiderman suit: "Only recently has man come to understand how spiders and geckos effortlessly scuttle up walls and hang from ceilings but it was doubted that this natural form of adhesion would ever be strong enough to hold the weight of real life Peter Parkers."
Now all we need are web shooters to live out our childhood fantasies."

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