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Comment Re:FAA doing it right (Score 1) 70

We're not talking about what the government CAN do, we're talking about whether or not their absurd toy owner registration system is a valid program (what government SHOULD or SHOULDN'T do). You're calling me names for saying that it is NOT a sensible program, even as you yourself say it's impossible to enforce. And you won't address your own hypocrisy on the matter. Do you really still support an "impossible to enforce" regulatory burden, along with its associated costs and loss of privacy, forcing people flying half-pound RC toys to expose their names and contact information for no useful reason? If you do support it, why aren't you actually addressing the substance of the matter?

As for the new rule being illegal: yes, it's being challenged in court on exactly the grounds that it's not (because it directly violates section 336 in the 2012 FMRA, which you'd know if you bothered to keep up). The administration KNOWS it's illegal if done by the FAA, which is why they went for what they hope will be a hard-to-contest loophole, and decided to make the Department of Transportation force toy owners to pay to register their use of 9-ounce toys. You know, because 13 year olds flying 9 ounce foam toys in their back yard are definitely right up there with interstate trucking and commercial passenger jets when it comes to matters that should be in front of the DoT.

Comment Re:Too late and too stupid. (Score 1) 37

The caller ID is typically only added by the phone companies on pots lines. Digital lines are programmed by the source. It's how you can have 50 lines behind a PBX display different phone numbers with the majority displaying the company main number. VoIP functions largely the same because the gateway uses the same principle except the VoIPmodem or computer transmits account id numbers as well.

Yes, the phone companies know who to charge because the pri id number is associated with the calls but that is not passed on to the receiver. That also qualifies as your "paying enough money to be peering " comment except for large bundles of lines it is actually cheaper.

Just because your mom got charged for all those 1-900 sex calls doesn't mean you know what you're talking about.

Comment Re:Too late and too stupid. (Score 1) 37

It's not exactly that simple. The caller ID can be programmed to send any number on the caller ID. It gets even more complicated with VoIP where the gateway to the telecom can be used by hundreds or more of different users . The number sent may be an active number for another user not associated with the spam calls.

Comment Re:Power (Score 1) 55

You need a control which means lots of other phones. Otherwise you could get false positives.

Imagine this scenario. It's the night of the big game. Everyone stays up to watch it. You plug your phone into the charger and place it on the night stand next to the bed. You then start having sex and the motions cause enough vibration to trigger the app. Now imagine everyone doing the same. Right about the time you are about to finish you get a text saying we're all going to die.

Comment Re:FAA doing it right (Score 1) 70

So, I'm right, and you just can't bring yourself to admit it. Resorting to ad hominem, just like so many people who are confronting internal hypocrisy do in order to avoid reconciling their contradictory premises.

So, you're calling me all sorts of things for pointing out that the FAA is outside of its legal bounds on this, that the entire effort is pointless, etc. So, you are implying that you feel differently about that, in some way. Which way? Be specific. And reconcile your preference for some situation in keeping with what the FAA has done (which, since you're complaining about my opposition to it, must be the case), with your assertion that what the administration has done is "impossible" to actually enforce. If you think it's impossible to enforce but still think federally registering 9-ounce toy operators is a good idea, reconcile that, in detail. If you think it shouldn't have been put into place, then explain why you're bitching at me for saying the same thing. Try to avoid the lazy ad hominem, though, since it just makes you look juvenile.

Comment Re:wow (Score 1) 295

Its not kid turning gay because of the colors but the entire premise behind using the rainbow in the first place. It was picked as the symbol for gay rights specifically because god said it was a sign that he would never destroy the world by flood again in genesis. The usage is to say your god will not do anything.

Religion attempts to teach children how to act often by using fear. The gay rainbow more or less is intended to say there is nothing to fear.

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