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Comment Re:Sure thing, Apple. (Score 1) 132 132

It's not really Chrome, it's a Chrome wrapper around the Safari rendering engine. Not because iOS couldn't run the Chrome rendering engine - them's just the rules. Even as a big fan of Apple, shit like that makes me mad. Just not mad enough to put up with Android.

Comment Good backups aren't enough (Score 1) 396 396

Good backups aren't enough. If the filesystem isn't flagging corruption as it happens, the backup software will happily back up your corrupted data over and over until the last backup which has the valid file in it has expired or become unrecoverable itself.

Comment Re:A cheaper, old school way (Score 1) 210 210

No. The employee's lost time and productivity of an employee dealing with a broken device will almost certainly cost the company more than just replacing the device promptly, without any fussing. A new standard keyboard or mouse is on the order of $20. I'd imagine that the cost to a Silicon Valley tech company of having an employee with a broken keyboard for the day, or away from his/her desk fetching a new keyboard is on the order of $50-$100. No brainer.

Comment Let's see if I can remember (Score 1) 867 867

OS History Roughly
MS/DOS 3, MacOS 6, CP/M -> MS Xenix (On a TRS/80 Model 2 modded to 16b specs) -> Minix -> SLS -> MCC (IIRC) -> Slackware -> Red Hat -> Mandrake -> Debian -> Gentoo -> Ubuntu -> Windows Xp, Windows 7, MacOS X

With occasional excursions to BSD/386, NetBSD, OpenBSD, FreeBSD choking due to unsupported or fussy hardware, and later discarded due to a userspace that made Linux feel full featured and easy. And probably a few other visits to Debian along the way.

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