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Comment Re:What the fuck (Score 1) 39

Meh, newspapers really don't want comments to start with. Too much spam/crackpots commenting on a site they know will get mainstream traffic.

Damn straight, that shit is dangerous. Under no circumstances must we let the opinions of the plebs be heard in public. Gods forbid!

Comment Re: bunch of lazy sobs (Score 1) 273

Managers with no ability to gauge the actual productivity of their workers have a problem with remote work because some employees are using it as an excuse to get paid to watch TV at home instead of watching YouTube videos and gossiping at the office, *not* because employees are multiplying their efficiency several times over and doing better-than-excellent work - something said managers have no faculty for discerning.


Comment Re:Configurability (Score 1) 513

Personally, I'd rather my daily interactions were mostly with people who don't get off on having slaves.

Reminds me of something a former client once said. He was an impressive man - a physicist by education and a diplomat by trade. I had asked his opinion of unpaid internships. His response was terse, and in my opinion exactly the right answer: "I don't believe in slave labor."

Comment Re:No remote work - no job application (Score 1) 273

It's all about proletarianization. The cabal of self-described capitalists who own nearly all the Silicon Valley "startup" companies overwhelmingly come from backgrounds of social privilege and inherited wealth. This cabal is waging low intensity class war against tech workers, most of whom come from middle and lower-middle class families.

The VC class vehemently hates the idea of tech workers having any significant degree of autonomy and human dignity. They demand that all tech workers be chained to desks in San Francisco / Silicon Valley for 60+ hours a week, and be subject to the full range of totalitarian progressive speech and thought restrictions. They seek to force out of the industry those workers who refuse enserfment.

Tech workers of the world, remember: venture capitalists exploit nerds

Comment Re:Political Correctness A Coded Word. (Score 1) 668

The anxiety and worry that stems from "political correctness" is that "political correctness" establishes a culture in which people who prey on others, who cause disruption through racism, sexism, hate mongering, sowing class or social divisiveness etc. are deemed inappropriate can themselves be castigated and ostracized.

False. The anxiety stems from recognition that "political correctness" is a doublespeak term. It is most often used to cloak overt hate mongering, elitism, racism, sexism, class oppression, and aggressively antisocial behavior under a veil of pious respectability.

Comment Re:PC is necessary in today's world (Score 1) 668

using the concept of free speech

Either you're in favor of free speech or you're not. You've obviously chosen your side. In my opinion you are in bad company, siding with tyrants and despots throughout history. Let us hope the majority show greater tolerance and desire for autonomy.

Comment Re:Censor the censors? (Score 1) 668

So people on college campuses are asking for things like trigger warnings

WTF is a "trigger warning"? Sounds like something you'd find posted in an area where people were handling explosives or toxic waste.

Are people who demand trigger warnings suggesting that they are a danger to the general public, to be handled with extreme caution lest they explode and injure innocent bystanders?

Comment Re:Freedom of Speech is the key. (Score 1) 668

>Really, a charge of "political correctness" is just a lazy way to say you don't have a better argument.

Interesting new meme - seems to be getting heavy rotation on /. today. It's a nice, catchy preemptive ad hominem attack. No doubt it will prove popular among those who fare poorly in civil debate.

The original 20th century usage of "political correctness" meant dogmatic adherence to the Stalinist party line. I believe current usage is quite similar, only substitute our modern elitist/progressive/financialist/centrist (call it what you like) form of totalitarian ideology.

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