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Comment Mock the insanty. Don't hide it. (Score 5, Insightful) 208

I'd much rather we continue to show people what these cavemen consider normal in graphic detail.

They're lunatics, hiding them won't help. We need to out this insanity, and it helps that they're doing a great job of demonstrating what religious fanaticism is capable of.

Censorship is evil. Period.

Comment CS = Computer Science? (Score 1) 317

Do they tell us a lot about the sciences of Math, Physics, Law, Economy, Languages, Biology etc. at school?
I'd say not - we get some ideas from basic bootcamp, some common applications and more is served if you opt for higher education.
I guess the same goes for "CS" - for me, I'd be glad if I could assume everyone that I work with to have a _basic_ common understanding of this computer stuff, I don't need scientists :-)

Comment Humble obervation from an external viewer.. (Score 5, Interesting) 555

The problem is your constitution's second amendment.

Instead of working an end run around what is meant to be a fundamental right to bear arms, what you should actually be discussing is how you amend the constitution. The framers of that document put in place specific mechanisms recognizing the need may arise to do so in the future.

This has been done in the past, even the recent past. (e.g. prohibition).

Why can't it be done now?

If the amendment is not possible, then you will have a discussion about weapons, and as a nation, accept the consequences of those actions - it may will be that the defense of liberty is such that the collateral damage is acceptable to many. This seems fundamentally more honest than the approaches being put forth by the executive branch.

I haven't heard this in the discussion, and it's puzzling.

$0.02 cdn.

Submission + - Volkswagen rolls out 3D smart glasses as standard equipment (

An anonymous reader writes: Quoting from the press release, "At Volkswagen's Wolfsburg plant, the roll-out of 3D smart glasses as standard equipment has now started following a three-month pilot phase. Plant logistics personnel are to use these glasses for order picking. The objective is to further improve process security in production.

The benefits of 3D smart glasses are evident: users automatically receive all the information they need such as storage locations or part numbers directly in their field of vision. Touch or voice control allows extremely easy operation. As a general principle, users have both their hands free while they are working. The camera in the glasses is also used as a barcode reader. Correct barcodes on parts removed from the storage location are shown in green while parts incorrectly removed are shown in red."

See the full press release for more information.

Comment Re:What idiocy (Score 1) 313

USA puts people in prison for life without parole for simple possession. Something to think about.

Outlawing information - any information - is the first step down a dark road. The proposed law also outlaws any CNC files that could be used for same; but this information is perfectly valid for a gunsmith, and it's a short walk from that to machinery or chemistry texts.

Interesting times.

Comment xCode? (Score 1) 337

Don't care so much for the OS integration.

It would be nice to be able to create programs on the iPad Pro, though. It's performance and specs make a compelling case.

In the meantime, if you want to program, you need to bring your macbook and iPad..

Also, when will they give the Mac Pro some love?

Developers? Developers? Developers...

Comment If text is enough... (Score 1) 227

... then just use a simple text file. Come up with your own scheme for title, date and time and it will work.
Either as single file with search, or with multiple files and grep(1).

The only really working alternative that I've found are:
  * a paper notebook. easily available when you have only one hand free because you're on the phone, and don't want to unlock an electronic device
  * sending yourself notes via email, and use your favourite email client for management.

If I'd want to live in a Microsoft world, I'd probably use OneNote.
YMMV, I'm curious about other options mentioned here.

  - Hubert

Comment Re:VR is going to land with a thud (Score 1) 174

This is game changing for simulators, and simulators are big business. Not just for games, either.

Even if every other application flops, that one alone, even just in the safety training space, will be a billion dollar industry very quickly.

A text readable experience also is game changing right away in a number of spaces. That and 3D mechanical design, or even 2D design for things like PCBs.

I actually think FPS games are the worst application. Maintaining orientation is probably impossible.

Comment It hasn't made since for a decade or more.. (Score 2) 196

I don't do much of this anymore, but I have designed hundreds of commercial boards and likely into the thousands of prototypes.

In the late 90's people used routers and crude lithographic techniques; these got better, but the online services scale nicely, and if you add up all the costs, it's almost insane to try and do it yourself. Why?

For entertainment purposes - that's different - but there hasn't been a commercial case for some time.

In fact, they're so cheap now, what hands on work I do, I just spin a PCB even for prototype purposes.

Comment Re:It isn't a carbon capture technique? (Score 1) 163

It is certainly potential carbon neutral and could if used with carbon capture actual be carbon negative.

When combined with off-shore wind farm, using the off peak energy production this technology was some great potential that could even get the sceptics motivated by their addiction to gas guzzling on side.

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