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Comment Re:Three year s ubscription... (Score 4, Interesting) 204 204

I think it is normal to start with a "cure letter" telling them they are in default on the contract and giving them 30 days to come into compliance or face termination. This usually leads to something both sides can live with.

Comment A View From the Far End (Score 2) 509 509

I graduated in EE in '69. Over my career everything changed at least once or twice. What I found most important was an understanding of the fundamentals behind the practices. That is, the underlying theory, physics and mathematics. With a firm grounding in those and a feel for how to apply them, I could keep up with the changes. I suspect it is the same in most fields.

A couple of earlier posters noted she should do what she really loves to do, and that is of course correct, but concentrate on the basics at first. All else will change. Don't fight the changes, adapt to them, and exploit them. If you love what you are doing, it is part of the adventure.

Still, life is a crap shoot. It takes a little bit of luck as well as careful preparation. Aristotle said count no man fortunate until he is dead.

Comment Sounds like 800 all over again (Score 1) 229 229

Why would a company sign up for this? Additional business, sure, but also for identifying information on users. If you call an 800 number, the called party gets your phone number, even if it is blocked, because they are the phone company's customer paying for the call. If they pay extra, they get it in real time. I suppose the plan is to do the same with sponsored data service.

As with 800 service, the sponsoring company might choose the areas to which it would pay for the data delivery, perhaps with granularity down to the cell site. This would be great for selling local advertising, and avoiding wasting money on low income areas and areas outside the desired marketing region. Balkanize and rule!

Comment HI-YO, HI-YO, DISCERNIBLE TODAY (Score 1) 605 605

(A Song After Reading Toynbee)

Has it come to your attention how the race of man
Has been climbing upwards since time began,
How it's been climbing steady, and it's climbing there still,
But every time you notice it, it's going down hill?

Going downhill is the natural way,
For the old folks work and the young folks play,
And the pioneer morals universally decay -
Yet definite improvement is discernible today!
Hi-yo, hi-yo, discernible today!

Now there's been a quite demonstrable and healthy gain
In higher mathematics and the size of the brain,
Between us and the oyster there were great strides made -
But every time you look at us, we're slipping down grade.

Going downhill is the natural trend,
For the old folks gather and the young folks spend,
Yet line up all our forebears on the path that we descend
And a definite improvement is apparent at this end!
Hi-yo, hi-yo, apparent at this end!

The Egyptians, the Assyrians, the Greeks and Romans, too,
Hung up some fancy records when their world was new,
And some they hung so high the boys are shooting at them still -
But they saw themselves continually going down hill.

Going downhill is the way things run,
For the old have illusions and the young have fun,
And our manners and religions everlastingly decay,
Yet astonishing improvement is discernible today!
Hi-yo, hi-yo, discernible today!

  Maxwell Anderson and published in the May 8,1948 edition of The New Yorker magazine (pg 26) .

Comment Re:Mall of America has been using body heat for ye (Score 1) 161 161

Yes. And in the late 60s undergraduate agricultural engineering students at the U of I were using the heat given off by a chicken in designing chicken coops.

Bell Northern Research in Ottawa, Ontario designed its later labs to not only not require heating, but to pipe heat into the older buildings that still did.


Anonymous Threatens Robin Hood Attacks Against Banks 529 529

gManZboy writes "Just in time for the holidays, hacktivist collective Anonymous has announced that it has teamed up with like-minded group TeaMp0isoN to donate to charity. The catch: they're using stolen credit data from big banks to make donations, in a campaign they're calling Operation Robin Hood. Is the #OpRobinHood campaign for real, or like previous threats against Wall Street and Facebook, just another hoax? Aesthetically, at least, the OpRobinHood video ticks all of the traditional Anonymous aesthetic requirements: a mashed-up 'p0isoaNoN' logo (green on black), a liberal dose of swelling choral music (via that movie trailer staple 'Europa,' by Globus), together with selected clips of Kevin Costner as Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves."

Comment Re:Spotty (Score 3, Interesting) 451 451

The alert is sent to a primary station in each area and daisy chained to others. WHQR is, I think, third in a chain. The alert hit there at 2:00:39. It got the start and stop "duck farts", but not the message itself. The scuttlebutt is that FEMA messed up the head end audio.

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