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Comment Re:Tim Cook doesn't know why anyone would buy a PC (Score 1) 337

The question isn't why *anyone* would buy a PC, but why *Tim Cook* would.

PC's are Personal Computers, not just an M$-only device.

Mr. Cook used to travel with a PC - a MacBook Pro - but stopped as he doesn't need to. He doesn't develop content

Just try doing any actual work on a tablet. Oh, sure, you say, you can add a bluetooth keyboard if you really need to type.

Then it's not a tablet anymore. It's a PC with a bluetooth keyboard.

Comment Oops (Score 1) 383

You're known for being very opinionated and sure of yourself, quick to criticize mistakes made by others.

To the average Joe, this produces an aura of seeming infallibility.

It's good to be right, but statistically one has to be wrong every so often.

Programming-wise, what's the dumbest thing you've ever done?

Comment Safety In Numbers (Score 1) 385

Someone on the radio yesterday suggested having three people in the cockpit at all times.

That's not going to work in all situations, but what could work is drawing three people from a pool of available onboard staff (taken from pilots, air marshals when they exist, and flight attendants).

In a situation such as the tragedy that happened to Germanwings, any two of the three would be able to override the door lock, and hopefully regain control of the plane before things became dire.

Pilots and air marshals (when available) would always be part of the pool. Flight attendants would be picked randomly per flight, if necessary (due to current level of airline/government paranoia) being informed of their additional "duty" from the tower just before takeoff.

Comment Hit The Little Guy (Score 1) 385

And just how many legitimate small businesses run vpn over the open internet to connect their offices?

This is, alas the "guns don't kill people" argument all over again. The weapon (or in this case, technology) is in and of itself not the problem. It's the way it gets used by a small subset of those who employ it.

Comment AOEUI (Score 1) 523

Putting aside the "we'll all miss cursive" idea, let's at least hope they get past the 19th century and teach Dvorak.

Having used it for nearly 30 years, and playing guitar, I can't imagine what shape my fingers would be without it...

Comment Define "Limited Budget" (Score 1) 163

I know you're focusing on open source due to the high cost of Premiere, but these days you can get every Adobe app for $50/mo.

If in the past you had their products and upgraded when the new versions came out, you were looking at several hundred dollars or more depending on what you had; now that's all rolled into a much smaller monthly fee.

You can also get any single app for $20/mo.

Having used various Adobe apps for well over a decade, am used to the cost (which by going monthly is a smaller bite), and the tools (which keep improving).

Comment Quacks Like A Much Faster Duck (Score 1) 427

It's not a Linksys, but since you're running Tomato I'd consider ASUS. Their RT-N66U is a good router, with a micro SD slot (have to pop the case though, so good-bye warranty), good for logs if you keep them and won't wear out the flash so fast.

The AC-66U adds AC support, and the newer AC-68U offers faster throughput than the AC-66U, though the spec hasn't quite settled yet so you may or may not actually be able to take advantage of it. Still, the AC-68U has been coming up the winner in several head-to-head router comparisons.

Plenty of memory and a fast CPU, pretty much a requirement these days for households with multiple streams going on.

You're looking at around $150 ~ $200 or so depending on model.

The Advanced Tomato - - firmware has been looking pretty good too, based on Shibby's mods but way-ajaxified, a good GUI design for when you have to get into it.

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