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Comment: Re:Zune holds the SECOND spot now (Score 1) 422

by jluros (#17042956) Attached to: iPod Has Nothing To Fear From Slow-Starting Zune
Ok, I don't know if your background is in business. It seems it is not. However, Zune's place in the market is volatile, and the original article was not premature. It was very timely, if anything. They studied a new product by a major hardware and software player in the technology space, and found that the new product had not been doing as well as expected. This seems to be the consensus raised by other sources, which you would most likely criticize as being premature or poorly informed. These other sources are none other than the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times. What is your source for "The Zune is a huge success," or the even more groundless, "initial performance on the market is incredible?"

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