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Comment: 5% will survive and multiplly (Score 1) 112

by jlgreer1 (#46311091) Attached to: VA Tech Experiment: Polar Vortex May Decimate D.C. Stinkbugs In 2014
I have no doubt that the 5% will survive and multiply. The 5% that made it through are the strongest and most adaptable. That is the way nature works. Duh! I thought the guy was a professor. I wonder how the mosquitos did? Another post mentioned that this stink bug was an invasive species. Too bad, so sad..... In DC, all they have to do is let the politicians out of their cages and bullet proof cars. That would provide enough hot air to warm things up anyway.

Comment: Teachers can rarely choose curriculum (Score 1) 446

by jlgreer1 (#39240381) Attached to: Math Textbooks a Textbook Example of Bad Textbooks
Teachers rarely get to provide input on the curriculum these days. In this atmosphere where teaching to the standardized high stakes state test is the norm, administrative clerks (principals and above) reach for any new scheme that they think will raise test scores. Most admin clerks have less teaching experience or curriculum knowledge than the teacher they lord over like demi-gods.

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