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Comment Re:Butterfly Ballot not Supreme Court decided 2000 (Score 1) 634

Actually, the democrats were only re-counting votes in heavily democrat counties that had already gone heavily democrat. The democrats were trying to steal the election using "Chicago" strategy. The whole "hanging chad" thing was a democrat scam. I lived in Florida at the time. Billiary is the joke this time around.

Comment Slide rule (Score 0) 45

Even when I took Nuclear Physics in the early 70s we had a reliable analog computer...the slide rule. I had already spent a fortune ($335) on the then new HP-45 but my K&E deci-trig-log was still clipped to my belt as a backup. In those days, many professors did not allow HPs since they thought it gave an unfair advantage to the students that had one. Then TI got into the game and all bets were off.....

Comment WP - 123 - dBase (Score 1) 255

This has gone on since the industrial revolution, think buggy whips and slide rules. When I attended business school it was Wordperfect, Lotus123, and dBase. They didn't survive the Microsoft onslaught very long. I had to adapt or falter. I guess its progress?

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