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Democrats Uses Google Moderator System 436

GMonkeyLouie writes "The website for President-elect Obama's transition team,, has unveiled a section called Open for Questions, which lets users submit questions and vote them up or down, in an effort to let the collaborative mind produce the questions that are the most important to the American populace (or at least the web-savvy portion). The page is powered by Google Moderator. It was unveiled yesterday, and CNet reports that when they went to post last night, '159,890 had voted on 1,986 questions from 3,255 people.'"
Role Playing (Games)

Submission + - WoW: Wrath of the Lich King launches at midnight!->

erickhill writes: "The World of Warcraft gets a little bigger tonight. Players of Blizzard's massively popular MMORPG will line up at midnight tonight to pick up Wrath of the Lich King, the second pay-to-play expansion of the game. The expansion will add a brand new continent, likenew quests and items and give seasoned heroes a brand new type of character to play, the Death Knight. In an informal survey of a dozen or so WoW players that I know, all of them were planning on picking up Wrath within a week of its introduction — with a number of them (including myself) — picking it up at midnight."
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Submission + - iPhone 3G reality check: GPS is lame, Wi-fi rocks->

Ian Lamont writes: "Cyndy Aleo-Carreira has been using her new iPhone 3G for the past few days, and finds that all is not well with the vaunted Apple phone. She says GPS is useless — 'the SDK prohibits development of a turn-by-turn program for directions, and entering coordinates for geocaching into the Maps feature (licensed from Google) drops you in the middle of the nearest road.' The battery complaints are already well-known, but she notes a workaround — switching from push to fetch. As for the plastic case, it may not be as aesthetically pleasing, but she believes it helps with WiFi reception. Using iStumbler, she says the iPhone 3G beat her aluminum MacBook Pro hands-down."
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The Courts

Submission + - The American Civil Liberties Union and the Electro->

Ian Lamont writes: "The American Civil Liberties Union and the Electronic Frontier Foundation have filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, saying U.S. residents should have a right to know the extent of mobile phone tracking done by U.S. attorneys offices. The two groups said in their complaint that 'information now in the public domain suggests that [the DOJ] may be engaging in unauthorized and potentially unconstitutional tracking of individuals through their mobile phones.' A spokesman for the DOJ's National Security Division disputed the idea that DOJ officials were making such requests without a court order:

"It is important to remember that the courts determine whether or not cell-site data or more precise cell location data can be turned over to law enforcement in a particular case ... Law enforcement has absolutely no interest in tracking the locations of law abiding citizens. Instead, law enforcement goes through the courts to lawfully obtain data to help locate criminal suspects, sometimes in cases where lives are literally hanging in the balance, such as a child abduction case or a serial murderer on the loose."


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Submission + - MySpace faulted for not cracking down on trolls->

Ian Lamont writes: "There is a growing chorus of MySpace users who say trolls are overrunning their MySpace groups and the service isn't doing enough to combat the problem. One of the situations mentioned in the article involves automated bots 'bombing' comment threads, which forces real comments off the page and ruins discussions. Other attacks are more personal, with one U.S. political group complaining about a well-known troll who posts naked pictures of himself on its MySpace forum. Some moderators say that MySpace has been so lax in combating the problems that they have been forced to design their own tools and scripts to fight trolls."
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Submission + - HP to Offer Solid State Disk Across Server Lines->

Lucas123 writes: "HP today said it would begin offering solid state disk across is server lines through a card that fits into its PCI Express slot and adds up to 680GB of capacity per slot, and twice that by 2009. HP servers have up to 10 PCI slots per machine. Speaking at the HP Technology Forum & Expo 2008 in Las Vegas, David Flynn, chief technology officer at Fusion-io, said HP will be using his company's solid state drive technology to enable the added flash storage on its servers."
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Submission + - Roadrunner as important as first computer->

Lucas123 writes: "A research director at Los Alamos National Laboratories said the addition of a peta-scale supercomputer is as big a leap forward as when scientists got their hands on their very first computer. IBM's Roadrunner supercomputer, which was built for Los Alamos, broke the lofty petaflop barrier. Scientists, already using it to simulate human vision and study climate change, say they can explore problems they couldnt even consider before."
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Submission + - Wii Fit shortages: Hoarders, weak dollar to blame?->

chris8535 writes: "The Wii console has been a hard-to-find item since its release in 2006, and now a popular hardware/software package — the Wii Fit — has disappeared from brick and mortar stores. You can find it online, but the going price is more than double the MSRP of $90. Although it may be tempting to blame eBay hoarders, Nintendo has been accused of deliberately favoring shipments to Europe to take advantage of the strong Euro compared to the US Dollar."
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The Media

Submission + - AP targets blog excerpts with DMCA notices->

Ian Lamont writes: "The Associated Press, the non-profit news gathering and distribution service, has filed DMCA takedown notices against social news/blog The Drudge Retort for posting short excerpts of AP stories. The website has complied with the notices, and has described some additional details. In a letter to Rogers Cadenhead, the owner of The Retort, the AP believes 'the Drudge Retort users' use of AP content does not fall within the parameters of fair use.' Another comment, posted by AP staff on multiple blogs and news sites, says the news service gets concerned when 'we feel the use is more reproduction than reference, or when others are encouraged to cut and paste.'"
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Submission + - Bill Gates Facebook Page Revealed!->

jlgolson writes: "A tipster is friends with Bill Gates's Facebook profile — the one Gates claims to have stopped using. The skinny on the Microsoft cofounder: "The friends list is short (110 friends) and yes, there are a bunch of teenagers on it BUT all key internal people that I know work with him closely are friends with that profile.""
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Submission + - Rush Limbaugh begs Steve Jobs for bug fixes->

jlgolson writes: "Yesterday, Rush Limbaugh complained on his radio program about some problems that he was having with his Mac: "Mr. Jobs, please help me. I know we don't agree on anything... But can you put me to somebody that can get this going, because I know it's gotta work for most people. What am I doing wrong?" Eventually he shared that he was running into actual problems — not just ID10T errors — with Time Machine and Back to My Mac. Can you fix them?"
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The Almighty Buck

Submission + - The 15 biggest tech acquisitions since 1998->

jlgolson writes: "Like the AOL deal, the Yahoo/Microsoft merger can be explain to your mom. Most people have never heard of the big tech companies. Hell, I've never heard of some of them. SDL? JDS Uniphase? Veritas? Aspect Development? I have no idea what they do. But you don't need to be a household name to be worth billions. Here are the 15 biggest tech deals since 1998."
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Operating Systems

Submission + - Mac vs. PC in the CES press lounge->

jlgolson writes: "Having plenty of time on my hands while my compatriots at Gizmodo blog blog blog it all at CES 2008, I took a walk around the press lounge to check the ratio of Macs to PCs. The latest numbers peg Apple with a 7.31 percent market share. Will the the press lounge be full of fanboys or stodgy old corporate types?"
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The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Facebook founder loves its new ads, you should too->

jlgolson writes: "Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg thinks that the new ad pages are "beautiful" and make him "very happy". Unfortunately for Facebook's 50 million users, they won't be able to opt out of viewing the new ads, even if they disagree with Zuckerberg. He did hint that an opt-out system was a possibility if users were pissed off enough."
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