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Comment: The proper way to use Windows 8 (Score 2) 389 389

This works for both the power user and the casual user. Sit down to the Windows 8 computer. Make sure you have a Windows 7/Mac OS/Linux computer next to you. Now the moment you get confused about the Windows 8 screen, go to your other computer and click Google. Then type how to .... That is how I do it for Win 8 and Server 2012, and I have been using Microsoft since DOS 1.0 days.

Comment: Let's suppose the challenges are overcome (Score 1) 189 189

Several types of systems could be developed including competing ones. But if you think about this, it could backfire on Amazon, because if there are local operators that offer the service to local merchants, and since Amazon now has to pay sales tax, the local merchants may be able to compete with Amazon.

Comment: Tenure (Score 2) 284 284

What it really is affecting their freedom through tenure to do whatever they please rather then trying to serve the public as they should be by teaching. I hope this kills the concept of tenure, having absolute job security is analogous to having absolute power, IMHO.

Comment: Re:I see (Score 1) 646 646

The concept is simple, both Unity and Gnome Shell say do it our way or hit the highway. We hit the highway. One size does not fit all, nor does one desktop pattern fit all work flows. If your workflow is simple, then Unity is great for you. But those of use that need more flexibility we have to move on.

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