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+ - Ancient Programmer Tidbit

Submitted by jlbprof
jlbprof writes: When I was a young programmer (back in Apple II days). I had a much older programmer as a mentor. He once told me something that I have not seen anywhere written yet it is an absolute truth.

A Control Character's value can be calculated by bitwise anding the character with 0x1F.

Example: Carriage Return is a 0x0D or a control M.
M is 0x4D & 0x1F = 0x0D Voila!

Did you know that?

+ - Is the Freshmeat Feed down?

Submitted by jlbprof
jlbprof writes: I am not sure of a better place to put this, so I hope this is the correct place, forgive me if it is not.

I use the "Freshmeat" Slashbox on my home page, and it has not updated in over a week. Is the Freshmeat Feed down?

Thank you


+ - Open Source Inkjet Printer

Submitted by
Julian writes: "I am a programmer not a hardware person.

In regards to ink jet printer companies using DMCA and patent infringement lawsuits to prevent third party refilled or replacement printer cartridges. What is the likelihood of developing a reasonably priced Open Source Printer? My idea at the moment is to have a fully functional design with firmware (if needed) and driver ready to go. Then some manufacturers can take the design and produce it and sell it, the printer should use existing third party ink cartridges.




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