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Comment Marketing has been working overtime (Score 1) 84

First it gets crazy free publicity for being banned in the UK. Then it gets crazy free publicity for getting an AO rating in the US. Then they say it'll be delayed because they're working on saving their 'artistic vision' or whatever. Then they say oh wait we'll edit it and release it with a M rating. Now that the hype has died oh look the AO version for PS2 magically leaked out. Someone get me my tinfoil hat but it seems like whenever the controversy dies down something else magically happens to get it back up again. It sure is convenient.

Underground Mac Community Foils a Coup 253

An anonymous reader writes "In an attempted palace coup that would not have been out of place in a Shakespearian tragedy, a moderator faction at Mac Serial Junkie, one of the largest underground Mac communities, was shut out this weekend after it was discovered that many staff members were plotting a coup. The plans included a surreptitious takeover of the domain name In an Open Letter to the Community, the founders of MSJ explain how a number of people at the highest levels of the underground planned their takeover activities for almost two years, only to be foiled at the last minute."

Karl Rove Resigning Aug 31 739

tetrahedrassface writes "According to CNN current Bush Administration political advisor Karl Rove will be resigning his post as senior political advisor at the end of August to spend more time with his family. Few if any prior senior political advisors to presidents have been the lightning rods for controversy that Mr. Rove has. Accused of running smear campaigns and celebrated for pioneering district level up campaigns that rely heavily on databases and fake grassroots origins, Mr Rove is one of the chief architects of the Republican Revolution."

Venezuelan Interest In U.S. Voting Software 337

A number of readers wrote in about a U.S. federal investigation into the Venezulean ownership of Sequoia Voting Systems, which makes voting machines used in 17 states and the District of Columbia. The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States wonders whether the anti-U.S. government of Hugo Chávez could be trying to influence the U.S. midterm elections. From the article: "Government officials familiar with the Smartmatic inquiry said they doubted that even if the Chávez government was some kind of secret partner in the company, it would try to influence elections in the United States. But some of them speculated that the purchase of Sequoia could help Smartmatic sell its products in Latin America and other developing countries, where safeguards against fraud are weaker."

Journal Journal: Gmail makes me happy

So I got a gmail invite through a friend of a friend, first time that's ever paid off eh?, it's pretty cool another guy I know just reciently got an invite and we've been spamming each other back and forth for no real reason other than we like how it does the conversations. I've already moved all my email subscriptions to gmail and am rather pleased with it for now.

Internet Explorer

Journal Journal: Earthlink + Mozilla = not friends 2

As you can see by my earlier entry by all intents and purposes I was going to permanetly switch to Mozilla until I decided to change ISPs because my DSL which is provided by Cincinnati Bell started to suck major ass, here is what has happened over the past month. First the email server goes down for 24 hours, than a week later the DSL modem is kicking me off for god knows what reason so I call up tech support and they agree to put in a work order for me to exchange my modem at a Cincinnati Be


Journal Journal: Mozilla is good

I've finally decided to permanently switch from IE to Mozilla and I'm fairly happy with it. Also Netscape 7.1 has leaked out or something although I don't know if you'd call it a leak if it's being hosted by them but the netinstaller is hidden on their ftp. On they were rambling about how the Netscape 7.1 agent has an (ax) on it which they're guessing means ActiveX which sounds really cool I suppose but I've got the ActiveX plugin for Moz so I doubt I really need to bother wit

"A complex system that works is invariably found to have evolved from a simple system that worked." -- John Gall, _Systemantics_